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Teams Permanent Link

Creating a Teams Permanent Link allows you to add a link to your Starfish appointments; the link will act like the “meeting room” on other platforms. With the proper settings, students will enter the lobby and you will admit them to the meeting at the appropriate time.

Setting up a permanent link

Go to your Outlook calendar and add a new appointment. Pick a date and time that will not affect scheduling abilities on your calendar.

Use a subject that will remind you about the use of the appointment, e.g. “Starfish Meeting Room.”

Click the Teams Meeting button. Microsoft Teams meeting information will be generated.

Example of an Outlook appointment window with a red circle around the Teams Meeting button on the menu bar.

Close up view of an Outlook Appointment window with a red circle around the Meeting Options link.To adjust the Meeting Options, scroll to the bottom of the appointment. There will be a link to Meeting Options just under the TU logo. You will need to press Ctrl and click the link with your mouse to open the Meeting Options link. The Meeting Options link is on the right.

The Meeting Options page will open. You will then need to go in and update a few of the settings. Note: You can come back to the Meeting Options page at any time to make any necessary changes/updates to your preferences.

Example of a Teams Meeting Options screen.Who can bypass the lobby?

  • Make sure this is set to Only Me.

Always let callers bypass the lobby

  • This should be grayed out due to the above choice being Only Me.

Announce when callers join or leave

  • Enable this feature – that way you can make sure you know when a student has entered and exited a meeting.

Who can present?

  • Only Me will allow only you as the host to present or share your screen.
  • Everyone will allow any attendee to be able to share their screen.
  • People in my organization will allow only those that have entered the meeting with TU credentials to share their screen.
  • Specific people will allow you to specify any specific people that can share their screen.

Allow attendees to unmute

  • In one-on-one meetings this is not usually a problem, so leaving it enabled shouldn’t be an issue. Group meetings and larger events are different and disabling attendee’s ability to unmute is preferred.

Allow meeting chat

  • Because meeting chats will roll over from each meeting to the next, this must be disabled to prevent dissemination of information.

Allow reactions

  • This is up to each host’s preference and whether they would like to have this feature enabled during their meetings.

Click Save on the Meeting Options page. You can then close that tab in your web browser.

Go back to the Appointment window in Outlook and click Save & Close.