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TU Events Calendar

The online TU events calendar provides a one-stop source of event information for University of Tulsa students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and the local community.

The events calendar provides a comprehensive listing of official university-sponsored events including lectures, exhibitions, meetings, cultural events, deadlines and other activities, and is maintained by the Offices of University Relations.

The events calendar is used to help University Relations push content to other sources such as news media, digital signage, social media and the public website. The calendar also serves as a guide to other departments on campus when planning their own events to avoid double booking.​

Submit an event

The utulsa.edu calendar is your first stop for getting the word out about University of Tulsa events – both internal and public.

  • Go to https://calendar.utulsa.edu/.
  • Access the login and event submission options via the menu icon in the top right-hand corner.
  • First-time users: Create a login ID.
  • Submit your events at least two weeks in advance.
  • Give as many details as possible, including:
    – Date
    – Time
    – Location
    – Who can attend
    – Registration (if required)
    – Organizer contact info (If your organization/department isn’t listed in the drop-down Organizer Details list, simply add your contact info in the event description section.)
  • Include an image if you have one.
  • For virtual events, select Virtual Event from the Event Categories drop-down list.
  • For in-person events, please ensure that the location has been approved in AdAstra.

The Office of Strategic Marketing & Communications reviews submissions before they are posted and will reach out for more info if needed.

It takes approximately three business days for an event to be approved and appear on the calendar.

Event eligibility

Events include lectures, workshops, meetings, training programs, arts events, sporting events, social events and academic notices. They may include on-campus events or selected off-campus events sponsored by a TU group. These events may be open to the general public, the TU community or a segment of the TU community.

Since the calendar is on the public website, events need to specify who can attend them.

​​​Events must be submitted at least three business days prior to the event date so that it has an opportunity to be reviewed. Items should be submitted as soon as possible for maximum promotion and coverage.

Academic dates and university holidays are added to the events calendar by Strategic Marketing & Communications.

Restrictions on submissions

Currently, the following events cannot be posted to the TU events calendar:

  • On-campus events that are hosted by someone who is not a member of the TU community.
  • A personal event.
  • University courses or course-related events sponsored by an academic department.

Your event submission will be rejected if it doesn’t meet university calendar guidelines.

Events will be rejected if they are:

  • Illegal (after conferring with legal counsel)
  • In conflict with TU policy
  • Not an event, by definition
  • Missing a title, date, time or location
  • Duplicate of an existing event
  • The facility and/or event was not properly scheduled
  • Not a university-sponsored event

The TU events calendar is not designed for scheduling facilities or rooms. You must go through normal channels to schedule a facility.

If you have questions or need help submitting an event, please email news@utulsa.edu.