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Disability Services, Forms & Policies

The Center for Student Academic Support offers a comprehensive range of services and accommodations for students with disabilities. Our goal is to provide services that maximize students’ independence and ability to fully participation in TU curriculum.

Prospective and newly admitted students are encouraged to contact us to discuss their individual needs.

Making A Disability Accommodation Request

If you need a form in a different format, please contact CSAS by phone at 918-631-2315 or by email at Follow these steps to make a disability accommodation request (see the forms below for more details):

    1. Submit the Application for Disability Services thru the new Accessible Information Management system (AIM). Click the link for the form: Application for Disability Services


    1. Ask a qualified health care provider to either submit the Disability Verification Form and/or submit their own report documenting the conditions/diagnoses, functional limitations, and recommended accommodations. Click the link for the form: Disability Verification Form (to be completed by Psychiatrist/Psychologist/Diagnosing Physician/Licensed Health Care Provider)


      • Please note that the forms for requesting accommodations serve as a guide only. A medical professional may submit their own reports or documents, as long as they contain adequate information to consider accommodation requests (such as diagnosis, functional limitations, recommended accommodations).


      • Veterans who wish to request disability accommodations may make an appointment with a licensed Nurse Practitioner or Physician at the Hurricane Health Clinic to review documentation from the VA without submitting medical records in their entirety. Only relevant diagnoses for requested accommodations will be shared directly from the Hurricane Health Clinic to the Center for Student Academic Support (CSAS) in order to make an accommodation request.


    1. For requests for assistance animals, students should also ask their health care provider to fill out the Recommendation for Assistance Animal Form. Click the link for the form: Confidential Recommendation for Assistance Animal (to be Completed by Diagnosing Physician)


    1. To request changes to existing accommodations, students should fill out the Change Form through AIM. Submit any documentation from their health care provider with updates if needed to explain the new needs. Click the link for the form: Change Form


    1. Talk with a staff member at CSAS to discuss their needs (call or email to schedule an appointment: or 918-631-2315).


Using Disability Accommodations

Getting approved accommodations set up is easy:

    1. CSAS sends an outcome letter to the student after accommodation requests are reviewed.
    2. The student then meets with a CSAS staff member to discuss how to utilize their approved accommodations and set them up. CSAS staff stay in touch with registered students throughout their time at the University of Tulsa.

Students can contact CSAS at any time with questions or for help.

Guidelines & Policies



Assistance for Students Facing Unforeseeable, Catastrophic Hardship or Medical Complications

The University of Tulsa works hard to offer special assistance to any student who faces unforeseeable, catastrophic personal hardship or medical complications and needs to seek full withdrawal from all classes. Students should contact the Center for Student Academic Support (CSAS) immediately to discuss any assistance available and to receive information regarding support referrals, deadlines, documentation, conditions and other requirements to establish and retain eligibility for this support. This type of assistance will not generally be granted on a retroactive basis, so students should talk with CSAS as soon as possible for help. Students are encouraged to obtain tuition insurance if the student has medical, psychological, or other conditions that might necessitate full withdrawal at some point. CSAS is located in 249 Zink Hall, 918-631-2315.