Learning Outcomes

On average, 80% to 93% of students who use Academic Success Coaching regularly demonstrate Academic Success (increased GPA and/or meeting Scholarship and College requirements).

Self-Reported Learning Outcomes (Prior Semester)

Learning OutcomesImproved MuchImproved SomeStayed the SameDeclined
Study Skills40%50%9%1%
Academic self-monitoring and commitment53%41%6%0%
Time management30%51%17%3%
Understanding of academic strengths and challenges44%48%8%1%
Motivation to succeed academically42%39%17%2%
Organization skills26%44%29%1%
Academic and personal goal-setting38%46%13%4%

**This figure includes getting off probation, increasing GPA, maintaining a GPA above probation, and also includes new students who did not have comparative GPA data but finished above probation level after their first semester. “Got Off Probation” and “Increased GPA” are based on smaller populations because they only include students with comparable GPA data.

Early Alert GPA Outcomes

Student outcomes through Early Alert initiatives are presented as follows:

Spring  Fall 
GPA Above 2.083%GPA Below 2.017%
GPA Above 2.082%GPA Below 2.018%


Early Alert GPA Outcome by Assistance (GPA Above 2.0)

Spring  Fall  
Worked with Student Access75%Worked with Student Access68%
Worked with Professor83%Worked with Professor72%
Worked with Tutor44%Worked with Tutor89%
Worked with Athletic Tutor79%Worked with Athletic Tutor82%
Dropped Class90%Dropped Class81%
Used Multiple Resources73%Used Multiple Resources78%
Worked with AHC90%Worked with AHC95%


Tutoring Outcomes

The majority of students who participate in tutoring earn a final semester GPA above probation level (2.0). Below are semester GPA outcomes for students who received tutoring recently.

GPA Outcomes for TutoringFall 2017
3.0 - 4.042%
2.0 - 2.9939%
1.0 - 1.9917%
0.0 - 0.990%
Full Withdrawal2%