Behavioral Intervention Team - The University of Tulsa

Behavioral Intervention Team

The University of Tulsa’s Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) engages in proactive and responsive efforts to identify, assess, and mitigate risks for the TU campus.  The team works collaboratively across campus to support students, faculty, staff and visitors exhibiting concerning behaviors such as expressing suicidal thoughts, academic distress, or someone not functioning well in daily life.  BIT strives to promote individual student, faculty, and staff well-being and success while prioritizing community safety.

BIT relies upon the input and participation of faculty, staff, and students to immediately report any situation that could possibly result in harm to anyone at the university.  Any member of the campus community may become aware of an individual or situation that is causing anxiety, stress, or fear.  Issues of concern should be reported to CaneCares.

See Something.  Say Something.  Step In.

For crisis situations in which a person may pose an active or immediate risk of violence to self or others, contact Campus Security at 918-631-5555.