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Student Association

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The Student Association strives to create and promote intellectual, social and cultural opportunities, to act as a catalyst for change within the university, and to advocate for the interests of the student body.

Student Association is responsible for allocating funding for organizations, advocating for change within the University, chartering new organizations, and putting on events such as Homecoming week and Springfest.

What is SA’s purpose?

To ensure that every student at the University of Tulsa has an excellent experience.

Where does Student Association get its funding from?

SA receives funding from the Student Activities fee, billed to all Undergraduate students at the beginning of each semester. Additionally, the University allocates a portion of the budget as well.

Do SA volunteers have to fulfill a certain number of hours?

SA Volunteers are welcome to volunteer as much or as little as their schedule allows. Sign up here.

What are the GPA requirements for SA?

There is a 2.5 cumulative GPA requirement to serve on Exec, all other positions have no requirements.

How do I make a difference at TU?

By making your opinions known, by joining SA Leadership, and by creating communities and friendships through Student Organizations.

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