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SA is responsible for allocating funds, recognizing official organizations, maintaining a record of recognized student organizations, imposing rules and guidelines, and facilitating programs and events for the student body. It represents the cooperative effort of all students and organizations on campus to make college life as enriching and rewarding as possible.

Officers Club

To assist student organizations in having a successful year, SA organizes a required meeting for all student organization presidents each year. The purpose of this meeting is to become acquainted with other student organization leaders, provide groups with valuable information about available resources and update organizations on any policy changes.

Student Organization Committee (SOC)

The Student Organization Committee assists new clubs in getting chartered by Student Association and experienced clubs in their programming and growth. Questions about this committee can be directed to the SOC Chair, Misia Paszkowiak, at

Application to Charter a SA Organization

Organizations interested in applying for funding must be registered with the SOC. To register as an organization with SOC, please complete the Application for SA Organization Charter Form.

Officer Update Form

SA Chartered organizations must fill out an Officer Update Form each year.

Contingency Funding

Chartered SA organizations that are in need of additional funds outside of their semesterly Organizational Strategic Plan (OSP) can apply for contingency funding by filling out the Contingency Funding Form.

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