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Leaders Incorporated (LINC)

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Leaders Incorporated (LINC) is a peer-mentoring program available to incoming minority students. Its purpose is to build a foundation of peer support that will help you as an incoming freshman minority student more easily transition into the college environment.

LINC pairs upperclass students with incoming students. A retreat in the fall connects mentors with mentees and begins the LINC experience. After returning from the retreat, mentors and mentees meet regularly, so when mentees have questions about classes or concerns about adjusting to college life the mentor can help provide guidance and accountability.

The LINC program also conducts workshops on important collegiate and professional skills.

Both mentees and mentors benefit by developing leadership skills and supportive peer relationships that help them become more successful students.

How to join LINC

Mentee – Download the LINC Mentee brochure and mail the registration form.

Mentor – Download the LINC Mentor brochure and mail the application form.

Some mentors are eligible to earn credit hours as a part of the Public Service Internship program.

Call 918-631-2966 or email multicultural@utulsa.edu for more information.