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Nontraditional Students

Find Your Path and Learn the Ropes

Evaluate your major and make sure it is the right fit for you. Visit your Academic Advisor at least 1-2 times a semester. Know your major/minor requirements and map out your course schedule for all four years. Some classes are only offered in certain semesters and you’ll need to plan for those. And make sure your classes fit your plan to graduate. Contact Financial Aid to see if you qualify for any aid or scholarships.

Visit the Info for Current Students webpage for all the offices you should visit to set up email, buy your parking permit, search for campus jobs, buy textbooks, etc. Read the Academic Bulletin and Student Code of Conduct.

Stay Well

Visit the Health Center to figure out insurance plan options and if you get sick. The Health Center offers confidential counseling services as well. Use the Fitness Center to exercise and relieve stress.

Get Involved

Build relationships with your professors by going to office hours and getting involved in your department’s initiatives and events. Visit the Student Activities and Student Association pages for info on student groups, leadership opportunities, intramural sports, and discounts. Login to the TU portal to see the campus calendar daily for events. Volunteer through True Blue Neighbors. Visit the Athletics website for info on event tickets.

Build Your Skills

Visit Career Services for advice on building your resume, investigating career options, and interviewing skills. Look for internship or research opportunities in your field where you can acquire the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for the jobs you want.

Sign up to be a tutor in classes in which you’ve excelled and earn extra cash. Helping others is a great way to keep your skills fresh.

Continue to Improve

Visit the Student Access for help refining your study skills, test-taking strategies, or note-taking techniques.