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Study and Learning Apps for College Students

  • For Notetaking


    Considered “the king” of note taking apps, with a feature set that combines bookmarking, composing, clipping and more.

    Audionote – (free with in app purchases)

    A note taking, voice recording software that allows you to playback you audio while highlighting the text simultaneously.

    Considered “the king” of note taking apps, with a feature set that combines bookmarking, composing, clipping and more.

    Smartpens – (Assistive Tech Device) – $99+

    Allows you to take handwritten notes while recording the lecture you are listening to.  Notebooks then synce to Livescribe softward or Evernote depending on the smartpen model.  Livescribe sky pens sync wirelessly and come with an Evernote subscription for you.

    MyScript Smart Note

    Handwritten note taking tool that allows user to write and draw into their notes.


  • For Studying


    Flash cards and spaced repetition.

    AccelaStudy (Apple)

    The app uses “spaced repetition” to help with vocabulary retention for college freshman/ graduate entrance exams, professional advancement or for language proficiency. In addition to search and organize features, there are several modes, including Study, Flashcard, and Quiz. This app is particularly useful to ESL/ TOEFL students for whom English is not their first language.

    GRE Vocabulary Builder (Android)

    Similar to AccelaStudy.

    This is an online education site that has partnerships with many dozens of top colleges and universities in the United States and has curriculum course study materials and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). You can use Coursera’s Web site or mobile apps to study a selection of courses and supplement whatever you are learning at your college.

    Brainscape (Apple)

    Create flashcards to help you study.


    Create flashcards to help you study.


    Create/use pre-made flashcards to help you study.


    This app will guide you step-by-step while you search for algebra, geometry, or any other math solution. Enter your task into the application, and check if your solution is the same with one offered.


    Combine flash cards, notes, and text messages with reminders for study time.


    This app helps with studying and learning foreign languages. (Good website with strategies for reading comprehension and text analysis). (This is examples of mnemonic connection techniques—all kinds—and even has some practice ones where students can try to come up with their own for remembering things).
    0_medA_tFC&gclid=CPfY8Z-itaYCFQTrKgodhTmzGw (This site is super cool—it helps you create mobile flashcards that are digital and will show up on your cell phone or other mobile devices). (Resources for how to study accounting). (Practice quizzes and exams on different accounting subject matter). You can do a search for any subject and “practice exams/quizzes” and come up with free sites for your students to practice on and improve their skills. (This is an actual class website but has many past exams for practice and chapter outlines that would be helpful for students in accounting). (This one is help for learning Spanish with pronunciation guides and tutorials).

  • For Time Management/Organization

    Pomodoro Technique (prices vary )

    Break studying into chunks and time yourself to help you perform better.

    iStudiez – $10

    Combine schedules, homework, and grades to provide an interactive visual representation of your work load in each of your courses

    Things – $10

    Task manager app that allows you to create various to-do lists for all aspects of your life, with color coding.

    Easilydo – (free)

    Syncs your email with the Easilydo app to create to-do-lists.  Share travel information and receive bill reminders.

    StayFocused (for Google Chrome)

    Limit time on time wasting websites.


    Combine timers and task lists.

    Conqu – (free)

    To-do list app with delegation among other Conqu users, filters, and overdue item features providing important reminders and task organization by level of importance.

    LeechBlock – (Firefox, Google Chrome)

    Limit time on time-wasting websites.

    Google Tasks and Calendar

    Task lists and calendar/planner.

    Wunderlist – (free)

    Create and share lists, view public lists, and view/publish lists.

    Freedom – (Mac, Windows, Android) – $10

    Limit time on time-wasting websites.

    MeeTimer (Firefox)

    Limit time wasters and log/track where you spend time online.

    Awesome Note – $3.99

    Combine your notes with to-do lists, keeping all of your information in one place.  Allows note sharing and photo, location, and URL tags.

    iStudiez Lite (Apple)

    The free Lite version allows you to manage one semester of up to five courses, 15 classes/exams per course, 15 assignments, five instructors and two holiday periods, and you can set alarms. Helps you map out your semester to organize your courses, assignments and exam schedules.

    Timetable (Android)

    Similar to iStudiez Lite.


    Use it track your course assignments, set reminders, bookmarking Web pages you visit and more.

    Use this app for making to-do lists.


    This is a to-do list app that can sync all your lists from different devices into one location.

    Assignment Calculator  (This is AWESOME—it’s an assignment calculator for paper writing. You plug in what assignments you have coming up, and it will calculate and plan a schedule of what you need to do so you can easily follow the schedule and get it done on time. It also shares resources for the particular subject matter along the way).

    Mindtools (Very awesome site. It has a ton of stuff for helping with time management, organization, and prioritization with many tools students can use like planners, schedules, and quizzes about their skills). Also see:

    RescueTime – (Computer) – Free

    Time management software. Program runs in the background of your computer and tracks the time spent on various applications and websites, breaking down how much time is spent doing what throughout your day. This software allows you to block websites for a desired amount of time, and alerts users when they’ve spent over a set amount of time on one task.

  • For Money/Budgeting

    This is a money and budgeting app.

    Oklahoma Money Matters (This has tools for budgeting, loan management, credit, savings, etc.).

  • For Citations in Writing


    Just enter a book’s title and get the right citation! All you have to do is copy this citation into your

    Citation LibGuides

    The Citations Resources Page at provides basic guidelines, MS Word formatting templates, and links to vetted resources.

  • Motivation/Self-Help


    This app blocks certain websites that can distract you from studying, and it does it for a set amount of time (such as social media). (This is one of the best clearinghouses for information on various self-help topics from mental health to relationships to study skills.) (This one has great advice on dealing with difficult tutoring sessions and why students may be struggling. It gives scenarios and then good responses should these issues come up with your students).

  • Books and Study Materials

    RealCalc Scientific Calculator

    Downloadable calculator.


    This is a textbook rental app. Just search for a book, and if they have it, put in an order. And when you no longer need a textbook, you can easily rent it again via Chegg.

  • Test-Taking (This one has a wealth of information on test-taking tips)