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About Us


The Student Success Coaches provide students with a welcoming and responsive place to find support throughout their time at The University of Tulsa.

First-year students are paired with a professional student success coach who engages them in challenging and holistic conversations to help students articulate their goals, identify barriers that hinder their success, develop action plans, and provide accountability to enhance their success.


We connect students to resources to help them transition to college and persist through graduation. We seek to empower students to navigate challenges, define personal goals and discover what it means to be resilient. Our goal is to ensure that students are provided with the resources, skills, and guidance that support their vision of success.

Why do we exist?

The transition to college is often confusing and challenging with multiple factors impacting student success. Our goal is to empower students through self-discovery and to guide them in developing the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs that lead to success at The University of Tulsa. The Student Success Team is committed to helping students identify their goals and barriers to their success so that students can develop action plans to improve the quality of their life and learning.