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Classes, Programs & Opportunities

Interested in a career geared towards saving the planet?

Check out our Earth-friendly options and save the planet while earning college credit.

  • Majors and Certificates




    Sustainable Energy and Resources Law (SERL) program at TU Law offers an intensive curriculum focusing on energy, environmental, and natural resource law and policy.

  • Courses

    This is a sampling of sustainability courses offered at The University of Tulsa:

    • ACCT: Financial Reporting in the Energy Industry
    • BIOL: Environmental Ethics and Conservation
    • CHEMEnvironmental Chemistry
    • ECON: Resources and the Environment
    • EMGT: Power Industry & Alternative Renewable Energy
    • ES: Sustainable Energy
    • GEOL: Energy, Environment and Climate Change
    • GLSC: Sustainability and Urban Development
    • HIST: American Environmental History
    • LAW: Natural Resources and Environmental Law On Federal Lands
    • ME: Energy Conversion
    • MEB: Management of the Energy Supply Chain
    • MJEL: Renewable Energy Development
    • PE: Sustainable Oil and Gas Operations
    • SOC: Environmental Sociology
  • Research Opportunities

    The university has been a beacon of technical research, hands-on learning opportunities and cutting-edge innovation for decades. While honoring its rich history in oil and gas research, TU is evolving into a center of excellence for all energy resources, which now including solar, wind, nanobatteries and biofuels.

    Learn about exciting Energy Research and Patents around the university.