Investment Priorities

Exposure to Sustainable Investments

The Endowment has exposure to a real estate manager with a sustainability program focused on ensuring sustainability and efficiency are standard practices in the development and management of their investments. One of their LEED certified mixed-use projects aspires to become a “net-zero energy” community.

Through an investment with an energy-focused private equity manager, the Endowment benefited from the purchase and subsequent sale of a solar power developer. This private equity manager has made substantial investments into renewable energy from their fund. The company develops power plants in sun rich parts of the world and utilizes new photovoltaic technology.

The Endowment also has a large position with a manager focused on consumer companies in emerging markets that effectively addresses environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) issues. The manager carries out sustainability assessments on all companies and engages with their portfolio companies to share and encourage best ESG practices believing that this will lead to superior investment returns. They are also a UNPRI signatory.

Through various other investment vehicles, Tulsa has exposure to sustainability-focused companies such as an Indian hydroelectric power generation company, a developer of large scale solar plants, a Canadian biogas plant, a Finish wind turbine service provider, North American-based owner and operator of renewable energy, a UK-based UNPRI signatory, and a B-Corp certified venture capital firm.