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Investment Priorities

Through an investment with a private equity real-estate manager, the portfolio has exposure to an innovative sustainable community in the early stages of development. This LEED certified mixed-use project aspires to become a “net-zero energy” community.

The portfolio is exposed to a relatively large investment in a single-project fund that is developing a new complex of high-rise buildings in Seoul. The development is being built to an international standard that achieves a level of efficiency and quality that is unavailable in South Korea today. Achieving LEED-certification for a large commercial building is an impressive achievement.

Investure has partnered with a manager in South Korea whose long-only equity fund makes activist, concentrated investments in quality businesses that need internal improvement to unlock long-term value. The Fund identifies undervalued companies and then the Fund manager works with companies to improve corporate discipline, transparency, independence of boards, responsibility and fairness. Improved corporate governance is critical to creating long-term sustainable businesses.

Through an investment with an energy-focused private equity manager the fund benefited from the purchase and subsequent sale of a solar power developer. This private equity manager has made substantial investments into renewable energy from their fund. The company develops power plants in sun rich parts of the world and utilizes new photovoltaic technology.