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Sustainability Study Abroad Programs

Green Study Abroad: Green Passport

The sustainable travel movement is strong and growing and multiple organizations around the world are seeking to educate people about what they can do to contribute. Many of the suggestions are simple and can be easily instituted.  As a Green Passport Holder, students acknowledge the interconnectedness of the world’s people and the environment and pledge to explore and take into account the social and environmental consequences of studying, living, working, traveling, or volunteering abroad and will try to improve these aspects of their international experience.

Semester Programs

  • Cape Town, South Africa: IES Abroad Service Learning. Students will have options for their community-based service work, either through IES Abroad courses or by volunteering with other local organizations. In addition, UCT students often join SHAWCO, the University’s volunteer program. Through these opportunities, you will get a first-hand look at the city’s social and economic issues affecting different groups in Cape Town.
  • Copenhagen, Denmark: DIS Copenhagen. Academically challenging study abroad programs in Copenhagen with over 200 elective courses taught in English to choose from! Discover Europe through course-integrated study tours and DIScovery Trips. Pick between a range of cultural engagement and housing options. DIS Copenhagen has a selection of courses on sustainability for students of various majors.
  • Sydney, Australia: University of New South Wales. Northern New South Wales is acknowledged as one of the leading areas of Australia in sustainability. Students interact with academics, environmental planners, conservationists, and indigenous groups to learn about workable solutions in various landscapes and how a strong sense of place spurs individuals to take action to protect their environment. The University of New South Wales has a large and diverse course catalog for students to choose classes on sustainability from.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: IES Abroad Latin American Societies and Culture. The course deals with Argentina’s diverse, interdependent ecosystems (the Pampa, the Andes, Northern Argentina, and the Atlantic Coast) in the context of the history of human occupation from colonial times to the present. It explores the gradual shift of human activity from the Andean region to the Atlantic coast, and the development of the dominant area of the country today, the Pampa and Buenos Aires.

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Summer Programs

  • Quito, Ecuador: IES Abroad Quito Summer Environmental Studies. Based in Quito and featuring three weeks of course-related excursions in the Galápagos Islands, this program allows you to study issues of environmental management and preservation, while exploring Ecuador’s rich ecology. The program is organized in cooperation with the Galápagos Academic Institute for the Arts and Sciences (GAIAS) and the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ). All Environmental Studies courses are taught in English, and previous Spanish study is not required.
  • Iceland: SIT Study Abroad Iceland: Renewable Energy, Technology, and Resource Economics. In the capital, Reykjavik, students meet with politicians, industry leaders, and social activists to develop their understanding of how Iceland’s energy policy fits into the larger national agenda. In Akureyri, students will study at the School for Renewable Energy Science, a new center associated with the University of Akureyri. In the remote West Fjords, students apply concepts learned to village-scale energy problems.
  • Various Locations: The School for Field Studies. SFS creates transformative study abroad experiences through field-based learning and research. Our educational programs explore the human and ecological dimensions of the complex environmental problems faced by our local partners, contributing to sustainable solutions in the places where we live and work. The SFS community is part of a growing network of individuals and institutions committed to environmental stewardship.

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