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Alumni Giving

Alumni Story: Sean Alexander ’97

“Why I Give”

Sean Alexander '97
Sean Alexander ’97

Sean Alexander’s TU story started long before he was born – when his parents met on a blind date in the lobby of Lottie Jane Mabee. Traveling from his New Jersey home for a campus visit in high school, he felt an immediate connection and fell in love with The University of Tulsa. He quickly got involved with Greek Life and helped launch a tech incubator in the Collins College of Business.

“A few faculty and staff members listened patiently and took an interest in what I wanted to do as a career – building software at one of the largest companies in the world. They mentored me, helped me construct an incredible resume, and encouraged me to follow my dream to work at Microsoft. I’ll mark 25 years with Microsoft in September.”

Today, Sean serves on both TU’s Board of Trustees and the Collins College of Business Executive Advisory Board. At admissions events, he’s quick to share his TU experience with future members of the Golden Hurricane: “If I had gone to a “Big Box” school, I never would have received the individualized attention and support that TU afforded me. I also might not have graduated if I hadn’t received financial aid from other alumni in the form of a Presidential Scholarship. Thanks to TU, I’ve had a tremendous opportunity in my career – I consider it my responsibility to give back.”

Alumni Story: Dessie B. Nash ’94

“The TU Family”

Dessie B. Nash '94
Dessie B. Nash ’94

“I lived on campus all four years while at TU, and I loved how there was a family feel on campus; everyone looked out for one another. If I needed anything from a ride to the store to help in class, plenty of resources were available.” In college, Dessie B. Nash went above and beyond in everything she did – leading several student organizations and serving as an orientation leader alongside her Marketing and International Business studies. 

She continues to lead today as an alumna, most recently accepting the mantel of inaugural chair of the Black Alumni Leadership Council. “It is important to me to get the Black Alumni to reengage with the University so that we can become part of the support system for current students… I give to TU because I have an obligation to pay it forward. I was a recipient of financial support from TU, and the ability to attend TU created the foundation for my success. I have a duty to ensure that the foundation is strong to support the success of future TU students. I don’t want finances to prevent students from achieving their goals and dreams.” 

When Dessie looks to the future she’s helping to create at The University of Tulsa, her response echoes the Tulsa-centric enthusiasm of so many members of the Golden Hurricane: “I am watching TU turn into a hub for the City of Tulsa. It is wonderful to see so many things happening, from innovative, efficient campus housing to more green space to the open community lecture series and academic transformation to meet the demands of the new workplace.” 

Tulsa starts at TU. 

Alumni Story: Amanda Aragon ’09

“Small University, Big Experiences”

Amanda Aragon '09
Amanda Aragon ’09

Amanda Aragon said yes to every opportunity that came her way at TU – thriving in the classroom, studying abroad, participating in Greek Life, and serving in student organizations across campus. A recent Facebook memory of running into not one or two but three professors on a single walk across campus reminded her of how special TU’s student-faculty dynamic is.

“TU is the definition of a small, personalized university with big university experiences. You get what you put in. That’s true, from your student experience to the alumni experience.”

As an at-large member on the National Alumni Association Board of Directors, Amanda remains involved and helps shape the future of this place that’s so close to her heart, all while connecting with other passionate alumni. “Everyone deserves the transformational experience of an excellent college education, and I want to help make that a reality for more students – that’s why I give to TU.”

Like TU, a small university with big experiences, gifts of every size have a big impact on the next generation of TU students.