Are you busy?

This is a simple one, mimicking the sort of quick emails that coworkers send to each other. This one depends on authority and familiarity to get someone to buy iTunes cards without checking on the situation using other means of communication.

If you hit reply to the email, it goes to the source email which may have the same screen name but different address. It also says your supervisor can’t take calls right now.

I have included the usual reply email you get if you engage in conversation.

phishing example

The Ransom Letter

This is a common example of phishing scam that depends on the threat of embarrassment to get people to send money in the form of bitcoin, regardless of the likelihood of the claims. They will usually include a password you may have once used that has been leaked onto the internet at some point in the past.

Note the shaming and accusing insults, as well as the copious amounts of special characters that are human-readable but attempt to bypass automated filters.

Here’s what this attack looks like.

example of phishing attack