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The Tulsa Teachers Fellows are a teacher-led group. The city representative and other teacher leaders are essential in recruiting fellows and planning for involvement in the Yale National Initiative. As we plan to establish a teachers institute and join the League of Teachers Institutes, teachers drive the planning and preparation for this initiative.

Once an Institute is established, the manual for establishing institutes (The Teachers Institute Approach) details the role of teacher leaders:

  • “The institute is led in crucial respects by participating teachers in the district(s), who, as Teacher Representatives and Coordinators, play a major and indispensable role in the planning, organization, conduct, and evaluation of the programs intended to benefit them and, through them, their students. They are responsible for persuading other teachers to understand the Institute as having been designed to strengthen teaching and learning throughout the schools and to have a significant impact upon the school district” (p. 19).

The Yale National Initiative (2007). The Teachers Institute Approach. New Haven, CT: Yale-New Haven
Teachers Institute, Yale University.

University Advisory Council

As an Institute is established, a University Advisory Council is formed, comprised of faculty in the liberal arts and/or sciences. These faculty partner with teacher leaders by leading seminars, serving as advocates for the Institute approach, and offering advice for the direction of the Institute.