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Local Institute

Teachers from Tulsa Public Schools participate in a seminar over the course of nine months and write a content rich unit to be used in their classrooms and published locally and nationally. Approximately 28 TPS teachers are currently enrolled in the 2017 cycle.

Want to learn more?
Talk to your campus’ Teacher Representative or contact the Director, Avonna Swartz.

TIfT Application

The University of Tulsa and Tulsa Public School, in affiliation with the Yale National Initiative® to strengthen teaching in public schools, have established the Teachers Institute for Tulsa. Each year, the Institute offers a limited number of fellowships for teachers to participate in content area seminars, and to learn the Teachers Institute approach to professional development. To be considered, the following eligibility criteria must be met.

  • Full time, K-12 classroom teacher in one of these subject areas: English, history or social studies, foreign language, art, health, music, science, math, or career area, if a vocational teacher.
  • Intention to remain in the teaching profession and in the same school district, for at least 5 years.
  • Close relationship of subject and course(s) the applicant teaches to the seminar and proposed curriculum unit.
  • Willingness to help sustain the Teachers Institute for Tulsa during and beyond the year of seminar participation.
  • Participation in all meetings associated with TIfT.
  • Review by district curriculum specialist and approval of school principal of applicant’s proposal, as consistent with and significant for
    school curricula, and confirmation of relevant courses applicant will be assigned to teach in the coming year.
TU Faculty Engagement

Become a Seminar Leader!
Are you interested in helping K-12 teachers learn more about your content area?

Would you like to find a way to impact K-12 curriculum?

Are you looking for a broader impact opportunity that reaches both teachers and students in low income schools?

Would you like to work with a small group of dedicated, reflective and hard-working educators as they develop a stronger understanding of the concepts upon which you have dedicated your career?

University Advisory Council

The Teachers Institute for, an affiliate of the Yale National Initiative®, is advised by “Faculty members from the liberal arts and/or sciences who teach at the undergraduate and/or graduate levels. These faculty members lead seminars, advise in the shaping of the seminars to be offered, and review each year the seminars offered by the Institute. The University Advisory Council meets at least annually to receive reports and offer advice on the progress of the Institute. An executive committee of the Council meets more frequently with the director to review and approve the proposed seminars and to provide consultation and assistance with regard to other administrative matters.” Article 5 of Yale National Initiative® Articles of Understanding

For these and many other reasons you should consider leading a TIfT seminar or joining the UAC! Reach out to our Director for more information.