Thanks for tuning in to TURN! - The University of Tulsa

Thanks for tuning in to TURN!

TURN, the TU Rider Network, is a new program designed to connect TU students, faculty and staff with the Tulsa community through cycling to promote a healthier, more environmentally friendly world.

TURN is the latest step in a series of cycling encouragement efforts at TU.  The flagship Yellow Bike Program was begun in Fall 2006 at the request of the Student Association after implementation of the tiered parking system increased the distance students had to walk to class.  The program was initially housed in the racquetball courts at Mabee Gym until the Bike Shop was opened in Fall 2008.

Future updates will contain information about TURN programs, profiles of cyclists at TU, efforts to promote cycling in the community, and tips and tricks to make cycling easier and safer.  Find more info about TURN and upcoming TURN events at