TU among the 500 best universities in the world - The University of Tulsa

TU among the 500 best universities in the world

THE world university rankings logoThe University of Tulsa was recognized last week as the best university in Oklahoma on the global stage. TU is ranked among the top 500 institutions in the prestigious Times Higher Education World Universities Rankings for 2023. 

The THE 2023 World University Rankings cohort is the largest and most diverse since its inaugural launch in 2011. A total of 1,799 universities across 104 countries and regions are included in 2023 ranking. Only 10% of the ranked universities are in the United States. TU is tied with several universities of note, including University of Kansas, Syracuse University, University of Denver and Colorado School of Mines.

The rankings, announced Wednesday, are based on 13 performance indicators covering five areas: teaching (learning environment), research (reputation and volume), citations (research influence), international outlook and diversity, and industry income (knowledge transfer and innovation).

“This recognition reflects the high caliber of the TU faculty, who are renowned as excellent educators, prolific authors and inquisitive researchers. They put students first while advancing their own scholarly pursuits. TU faculty also frequently partner with colleagues and experts across campus, at other universities and in external organizations such as thinktanks and major corporations,” said TU President Brad R. Carson. “The rankings also are indicative of the university’s commitment to diversity, equity and service – important guiding principles in today’s academic environment.”

Carson currently serves as one of nine world university advisory board members. The board plays a key role in ensuring ranking transparency and providing strategic advice to THE.

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