TU COVID-19 Housing and Dining Refund Process for Spring 2020

1. Students are only eligible for housing refunds if they have left their campus residence for the remainder of the spring semester and turned in their apartment key (for those students living in apartments) to the Housing Office. Students who were enrolled in a spring meal plan and have left campus for the remainder of the spring semester are eligible for a dining refund.

2. All refunds and aid adjustments for residence hall charges will be effective as of March 21, 2020. Refunds and aid adjustment for dining charges will have an effective date of March 23, 2020. Students living in apartments will receive a refund based on the date that their key is received by the Housing Office.

3. Refunds will be first applied to any outstanding spring 2020 balance, and the student will receive any remaining refund via direct deposit, if account information has been previously shared with TU. We encourage all students to set up direct deposit information for a timely refund. If TU does not have this information, a refund check will be generated and mailed to the home address on record.

4. Students who receive full housing and dining scholarships (student-athletes, presidential scholars, other scholarships) will have their scholarships prorated and will not receive a refund.

5. Students who receive partial housing and dining scholarships will have their scholarships adjusted and will receive a refund for any credit balance.

6. Students utilizing federal funds to pay for any portion of their housing and dining will receive a refund for any credit balance per guidelines provided by the U.S. Department of Education.

7. Questions about the calculation of housing and dining refunds can be emailed to housing@utulsa.edu. Questions about the issuance of refunds can be emailed to bursars-office@utulsa.edu.