TU students, alumni honored with NSF fellowships - The University of Tulsa

TU students, alumni honored with NSF fellowships

The University of Tulsa is pleased to announce that five TU alumni and students have been awarded National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowships for 2015.

Alumni John Eason (BS ’13) and Thomas Linscott (BS ’14) as well as TU graduate student Edward Lannon and seniors Caleb Lareau and Mitchell Trafford will receive NSF Graduate Research Fellowships in the amount of $138,000 each to pursue advanced degrees in science, technology, mathematics and engineering next fall. These individuals were selected from about 16,500 NSF applications.

Linscott earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from TU. He currently is studying evolutionary biology at the University of Idaho.

Eason is an alumnus of TU’s Russell School of Chemical Engineering and is now pursuing a graduate degree in chemical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

After earning his undergraduate degrees in biochemistry and mathematics from TU this spring, Lareau plans to attend Harvard University and pursue a doctorate in biostatistics.

Trafford will graduate in May with bachelor’s degrees in chemical engineering and mathematics. He will pursue a doctorate in chemical engineering or materials science this fall.

Lannon is studying clinical psychology at TU. He earned his bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University.

A total of 59 TU students have received NSF Graduate Research Fellowships since 1996.

This year, two 2014 alumni also received honorable mentions from NSF: Tim Brown (engineering physics) and Ben Krack (electrical engineering). Brown is now conducting materials research at Texas A&M University, and Krack is continuing his studies at TU.