Tutoring Myths Debunked! (and How Believing Them Could Be Holding You Back)  - The University of Tulsa

Tutoring Myths Debunked! (and How Believing Them Could Be Holding You Back) 

student tutoring other studentsAbout 36% of students never seek assistance in their academics. Tutoring is a resource offered on campus to all students that continues to be offered because it renders positive results and is helpful for students. 

Myth #1: “I don’t have time.” 

Making an appointment with a tutor can seem like one more time commitment to fit into your busy schedule.

TruthIt’s important to consider if you’re being efficient with your time, especially when you’re busy. You may think you don’t have time for a tutoring appointment, but you spent 3 hours studying for an exam and still don’t feel as confident in the material as you’d likeA tutor can show you how to work smarter, not harder. Not only can they help you better understand concepts and material, but they can give tips and strategies for studying and completing your work. 

Myth #2: “It’s too late.” 

This semester, time has flown by and stood still. Midterm grades recently came out, and that can be a wake-up call for students. You may realize at this point that you haven’t been deeply learning the material in the way you need toinstead, you have been memorizing it just long enough to take the quiz, and then it’s on to the next one (to quote Jay-Z)This method has taken you as far as it can, and now you feel stuck. 

Truth: It may be time to change things up. Although beginning the semester by utilizing resources is ideal, it’s never too late to ask for help. You have not missed your chance to take advantage of tutoring. There are 2 weeks left for coursework in the semester!

Myth #3: It means I’m dumb or incapable.” 

We all learn differently, and there are subjects that will challenge each of us in different waysMaybe you prefer to use an audiobook over reading, struggle to pronounce words, or have trouble remembering difficult concepts from memory. The move to online-based learning has added yet another layer to the complexity of our learning styles, especially if you’re a more tactile learner, or find it hard to stay engaged in online lectures because you are a social learner. You do not have to struggle in silence. 

TruthIt’s not practical to assume that we can all pick up every new concept with ease. Maybe you have had less than ideal experiences in a subject leading up to college that has made you feel like you’re just destined to struggle in those courses. (Fixed mindset, anyone?) That does not have to be true! Utilizing tutoring as a learning resource can provide that different approach to learning that you need! Tutoring can help you make sure you’re on track with the pace of your course, or even help you get ahead. 

Tutoring Myths Debunked

You DO have time, it’s NOT too late, and everyone can benefit from tutoring at some point in their college career. You can start utilizing tutoring services today! We have a wide range of offerings such as the drop-in services through Harvey (Math Lab, Chem Assist, Computer Science/Comp Simulation & Gaming Lab) and individual one-hour sessions for other subjects. By the way, tutoring is free at TU, so what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE for more information, or to book a session!