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FAQ Category: CAPS Consultation Services

I have scheduled an appointment with CAPS. What do I need to do now?

1. If you are accessing Microsoft Teams using a computer, please skip to step 2. All other devices (tablets, phones etc.) will need to download the Microsoft Teams App from the QR codes below.

QR Codes to download the TEAMS app on the apple and google store


2. At least 15 minutes prior to your appointment, check your email for an invitation from your therapist. In the email, click on the Qualtrics survey link. Please complete all forms that appear prior to your session.


3. Go back to the CAPS email and click the link “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting”. Clicking this link will automatically launch the Teams app and start your session.

Screenshot of email invite and teams link


4. If you have downloaded the app: prior to joining the meeting, Teams will ask you to “Join as guest” or “Sign in and join.” You may choose either option. If you choose to sign in, use your TU ID and password.

If you have not downloaded the app and you are on your desktop then it will ask you to log on via the web.

Screenshots of Teams Popup


5. After joining the meeting, Teams will prompt you to enter your name. Enter your preferred name and you will be entered into a virtual waiting room. When your therapist is ready they will begin the session. Make sure you give Teams permission to access your camera and microphone so that you can interact with your therapist (see screen capture below).

Screenshot of TEAMS controls

6. In order to leave your therapy session, click the red “hang up” button.

* If you accidentally leave the session or get disconnected, the next screen will prompt you to “Rejoin” the meeting (see screen capture below) or you can re-enter the session using the appointment email.

Screenshot of TEAMS closing pop up


7. Using Teams for therapy will not save your information and will not affect any other aspect of Teams that you may use for personal or other purposes.

What is a CAPS consultation?

This is a brief, virtual meeting with one of our clinicians where the goal is to help determine the best fit between a student’s needs and available CAPS and community resources and to arrive at a plan for your care.

What will happen at a consultation?

Just before the session you will complete a few online forms to give us some information about yourself. During your appointment your clinician will ask you questions to get a feel for what your needs, goals and resources are and will talk with you about treatment options. Your clinician may provide skills or resources that you can use right away.