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Where can I locate COVID-19 vaccine off campus?


The registration portal link will take you to a questionnaire to complete.


  • Comorbidities (other Illnesses or health factors such as diabetes, asthma, or cancer)
  • Health Insurance Information (private, Medicaid, or uninsured)
  • Working email address that you check regularly

You will be assigned to one of four groups for vaccination based on age, health risks, and other factors.

Once you are eligible, you will receive a link via email to access the scheduling portal and book an appointment. New appointments are loaded between Tuesday evening and early Wednesday for the following 7-9 days.

The scheduling portal allows you to search for vaccination appointments based on distance. Individuals may travel to any vaccination site within the state and do not have to stay within their county or city of residence.


LIFE Senior Services is available to help seniors register through Oklahoma’s Vaccine Appointment Scheduler who do not have internet or email access. Individuals should call the senior line at (918) 664-9000, ext. 1136


IMMYLabs Is a local covld-19 testing location that gives vaccinations following the Oklahoma Department of Health’s Ellglblllty guidelines, Check back regularly If appointments are not currently available, as cancellations may open more appointments. You can also follow IMMYLabs on Facebook, Twitter, and lnstagram for updates on new appointments, locations, and times.


Both Walmart and Sam’s club are offering appointments for the Covld•19 vaccine. Appointment eligibility is based on the Oklahoma Department of Health’s criteria. Individual s need to have a Walmart.com or Sam’s Club online account to register for appointments through these sites. To register with Sam’s Club, an Individual must also have a Sam’s Club membership.

Individuals should check with their regular doctor’s office. Several health systems In Tulsa such as Ascension Saint John are receiving doses of the vaccine and are vaccinating their patients.

Vaccine appointments may be made for those 65 and older, or adults of any a9e with comorbidities, by calling (918) 388-1990.


CVS & Walgreen’s pharmacies are now administering vaccines to Individuals based on their eligibility according to their State’s Department of Health criteria for prioritization. The above links allow Individuals to check for vaccine appointments and sign-up.


Every Tribe and Nation may set their own criteria for vaccinations, which means that guidelines will vary among tribes. Individuals are advised to contact their tribe directly to ask about vaccination. Information Is often shared via social media such as on tribal Facebook pages.


Beginning March 15, 2021, appointments are available to all those 18 years and older. To make an appointment to receive the vaccine, call (800) 349-7026 ext. 6


COVID·19 vaccine appointments are currently open to the public at no charge. If you need assistance scheduling your vaccine appointment call (918) 342·6580 between the hours of 8:00-11:30AM and 12:00-3:00PM.

Tho Pawnoo Indian Health Contor Is expanding COVID-19 vaccine access to ell Individuals age 16 and up. If you would like to be scheduled for a vaccine appointment, please call us at (918) 762-6724 or (918) 762-6639

Any member of the public, including non-Natives, who live within the 14-county reservation are now eligible for a vaccine within Cherokee Nation Health Services. Appointments may be made by phone: (539) 234·4099.

The Chickasaw Nation COVID•19 vaccine Call Center is available Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-3 p.m. at (580) 272-1339.




Osage Nation Is offering COVI0•l9 vaccinations to any person 18 years or older (both Native and Non-Native). Monday thru Friday from 7:45 am to 4:00 pm at the Osage Nation Civic Center – 14149 W Main Street, Pawhuska OK 74056.  For more details, please consult the Nation’s Facebook page or call ONHS COVI0·19 Vaccine Hotline at (918) 287-0076

What is Study Abroad Semester Apartment Storage?

Students who plan to return to the same apartment after their study abroad semester can sign up for Semester storage. Then they can leave all their belongings in the apartment and simply leave for the semester, and their roommate’s housing rate remains unchanged. A lock can be installed on the bedroom upon request for $40.

What is Gender Inclusive and Mixed Gender Housing at LaFortune House?

These options allow residents the ability to share the same bedroom and a non-gender specific suite bathroom at LaFortune House regardless of sex, gender or gender identity. This means students of different sexes or genders can live together within the same residence hall suite on a designated floor/wing. If interested, these options are available through the online self-selection process.

What is the current student self-selection priority system?

#1 Self-Selection Priority – Retaining current space

Students who are eligible to retain their current space, have the highest priority to retain their current assignment. These areas are not eligible to retain their current assignment:

  1. Fisher South Hall (First-Year Residential Experience)
  2. Hardesty Hall 2nd Floor (First Year Living)
  3. West Suite 2nd Floor (Sophomore Housing)
  4. Suites dedicated to Living-Learning Communities (informed by email).


#2 Self-Selection Priority – Current Apartment Resident (Switchers)

All apartment residents that complete a housing and dining agreement by March 7, 2021 will select in random order within this classification order: 1. Law/Grad, 2. Seniors, 3. Juniors, 4. Sophomores, 5. Freshman.


#3 Self-Selection Priority – General Housing Lottery 

All other students that complete a housing and dining agreement by March 7, 2021 will select in random order within this classification order: 1. Law/Grad, 2. Seniors, 3. Juniors, 4. Sophomores, 5. Freshman.


#4 Self-Selection Priority – First come, first served 

All other students that complete a housing and dining agreement after March 7, 2021 and by March 31, 2021 at 11:59pm will self-select in order of application.



Normalizing the Norm of Changing College Majors

It is a question everyone is asked from the time they are five years old, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Common answers from a five-year-old are an astronaut, firefighter, lawyer, doctor, or something along those lines.  

By the time a 17 to 18-year-old student reaches college, their idea of a major or career has likely changed. Some students enter college with an idea of what degree path they want to pursue, while others are undecided. My response to that is that it is perfectly normal! College is a time for students to investigate opportunities and explore new interests.   

As a practical matter, about 80% of students in college end up changing their major at least once, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. On average, college students change their major at least three times over the course of their college career. 

Is Switching Majors a Bad Thing? 

Contrary to popular belief, switching college majors can actually increase a student’s likelihood of graduating from college, according to a new study from the EAB. Students who seek out resources on campus such as the university’s career services office or mentors have an 83% graduation rate when finalizing their major between their second and eighth semesters, whereas those who finalize their major in the first semester have a 79% graduation rate. 

As a freshman student, many years ago, I initially declared a double major in Political Science and French. I had spent my junior year in high school living abroad and was convinced that I was going to work for the United Nations. While I loved my French classes, I did not love my Comparative Politics course. It was not for me. That was the first of three additional major changes in my undergraduate career before I finally landed in my first professional career. My takeaway from that experience was that I was focusing on “just getting a degree” instead of where I wanted to make an impact and what I truly wanted to do as a profession.  I encourage you to focus on your endgame goal, and our certified career coaches are here to help you do just that.  

What Can CaneCareers Do for You? 

We help students and alumni explore career options, develop professional skills, gain practical experience, and build connections in the TU community.  In addition to individual support provided including career assessment tools, resume and cover letter review, interview preparation, and job search strategies, the career coaches host a wide variety of programming and networking events on careerrelated topics. 

CaneCareers is here to assist you throughout your entire time at TU. If you find yourself questioning your chosen path, come visit with us. We have tools and resources to help you work through your decisions. The important thing to remember is that a significant number of students will change their major. There is no reason to stress about it as it is a normal part of a college journey. Enjoy your experience, explorelearn, and walk away with a degree and career you love. 

Top 5 Reasons You Need a Career Coach

Are you unsure if you’ve picked the right major? Do you wonder what career paths your major might lead you to? Have you thought about finding a job that blends your strengths and interests so you will ultimately be fulfilled and happy? 

Fortunately, there is a resource at The University of Tulsa that is growing and here for you, a resource that can help make your career preparation and job search easier: CaneCareers. Christopher Wong, the Career Coach for College of Engineering and Natural Sciences walks us through how their team serves and supports students through this process.

CaneCareers is a high-octane team of employer recruiters, opportunity developers, internship creators, job posters and career coaches. Why would you need a Career Coach? Here are 5 of the biggest reasons why you need one NOW: 

  1. Your Career Coach can support you in making informed decisions about your career development and trajectory. Our Career Coaches have been trained and certified to assist students and alumni with all aspects of their career development issues. Isn’t it great to have someone like this in your corner as you embark on your career journey? 
  2. Your Career Coach can use assessments such as personality tests, interest inventories, and accomplishment exercises that can pinpoint the kind of work and workplaces that are the best fit for you. Who doesn’t want to go after their dream occupation? Career Coaches are focused on drilling down to find your ultimate career goal: you love doing it, you are good at it, the world needs it and you get paid to do it. 
  3. Career Coaches are masters of the many tools that can be used in your career development process. Tools, tips and tricks are the Career Coaches’ forte, including résumés, cover letters, LinkedIn and Handshake profiles, networking tips, interview skills improvement and much more. Our arsenal is big and better than ever.
  4. Your Career Coach can provide concrete steps you can take to achieve your career objectives. It’s not easy. It’s not like Career Coaches just hand out jobs and internships. It takes a lot of work on your part. A Career Coach can not only plan out your career development process steps, but they can guide you along that path and encourage you to achieve your goals.
  5. Your Career Coach provides honesty, curiosity, empathy and compassion. As you work on your career development, be it a good summer internship, a fulltime position, an opportunity to improve your station in life or to contribute to society, you need support and that’s where your Career Coach comes in. We can help instill career confidence, provide insight and always give encouragement and inspiration. 

Career coaching in your college years and immediately post-college can put you on more solid footing—not just with a well-crafted résumé and a suitable career path, but also with a growth mindset. CaneCareers is committed to operating under 4 KEYS TO CAREER SUCCESS: 

  • Explore Careers – This is a time to ask big questions and take a proactive approach to figure out what’s important to you. Our staff, activities, and resources will help you identify your strengths, skills, interests, and values and understand how they relate to your choice of a major and career.
  • Develop Skills – Work with your Career Coach to develop effective skills and your personal brand, tools, and strategies you will need to secure an internship or full-time position.
  • Gain Experience – Take advantage of every opportunity to learn on campus through class projects, research, clubs, study abroad, and leadership opportunities, then enhance your skills even more with off-campus internships, externships, or co-op positions found by consulting with your Career Coach.
  • Build Connections – Identify contacts, forge relationships, and strengthen connections in your professional network. Our Career Coaches will provide advice about career paths, industries, and organizations that can help you uncover opportunities and make informed choices. 

If you are ready to start thinking about your career, then you are ready to get connected with us. And we want to help. 

It’s easy to set an appointment with a Career Coach through the Handshake Career App on your smartphone, via www.canecareers.com, or email us at canecareers@utulsa.edu. 

Whatever college you are a part of, CaneCareers has your Career Coach: 

Where can I locate free COVID-19 testing off campus?

Testing in Tulsa County is available through the Tulsa Health Department. You can sign up for a test on their website: https://www.tulsa-health.org/. Testing is also available at the following locations below. Hours, eligibility requirements, cost, and other details may vary. Please visit the organization’s website or contact them directly for more information. For testing statewide, visit the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

Do I need to login to complete the housing agreement?

Yes, you will need your TUnetID (ABC1234) and Password.

If you don’t know your TUnetID, the IT help desk can provide it for you. Please have your Student ID (Ex. 1234567) handy and call 918-631-3500 or email help@utulsa.edu and provide your student ID number and phone number and the help desk will return your call.

If you don’t know your Student ID number, please double check your admissions emails or contact your admissions counselor.


Are campus apartments furnished?

All apartments are unfurnished. All apartments have kitchen appliances including a refrigerator, stove/oven, microwave, dishwasher, garbage disposal. All apartments have full-size laundry machines in a utility area. 

Do I pay for the electric in my apartment?

Yes, you must maintain an electric account for your assigned apartment for the entire housing occupancy schedule, including Summer storage. Failure to start and maintain an account will result in utility bill chargeback and additional administrative fee. Student s contact PSO directly at psoklahoma.com or 888-216-3523.