What are living learning communities? - The University of Tulsa

What are living learning communities?

These common-interest living communities offer you exclusive learning opportunities with faculty and staff around shared passions to apply what you learn in-class to everyday life. Some of the dynamic co-curricular communities include: 

  • “Gender & Sexuality Inclusivity” (Campus Apartments) creating spaces to discuss lived experiences & allyship. 
  • “Sophomore Housing Experience (SOHO)” (West Suites) offering City of Tulsa leadership & networking opportunities for Sophomores. 
  • “University Honors” (Hardesty Hall and Campus apartments) for students enrolled in the TU Honors Program. 
  • “Esports & Gaming” (West Suites) offers a unique program for students interested in gaming, either as a member of university-sponsored Esports teams or as a recreational gamer. 
  • “Gender Inclusive Housing” (LaFortune House) offers students the ability to have suite/room mates who are the same of different gender identity. 
  • Students can apply for a Living-Learning Community on their housing agreement, but please note that space is limited. By choosing an LLC option you will not self-select online at a later time, but will receive priority placement from our office with suite/apt mate matches in the corresponding community. 
  • For more information on LLC’s, please visit the LLC website.