Undergraduate Textbook Program - The University of Tulsa

Undergraduate Textbook Program

Who hasn’t worried about the mounting costs of textbooks and reading materials?

All continuing undergraduate students will be assessed $25 per credit hour. The charge is posted directly to your TU Tuition and Fees bill and can be paid with your university charges or financial aid. This program may not be for everyone, so there is an opportunity to opt out. Students may opt out of this program by September 8, 2023 for the fall 2023 semester.


The benefits of TU’s Undergraduate Textbook Program for continuing upper-class students:

  • Having required reading materials on Day One makes it easier to be more successful in class
  • Easily access, manage and use digital materials
  • Minimize the time spent searching for deals on textbooks
  • No worries about getting the wrong title or wrong edition

How does TU’s textbook program work?

  • Once you register for your courses, your course list will be sent to the Campus Bookstore. The store will prepare your required reading materials for you!
  • When available, materials will be provided in a digital textbook format (e-book). If an e-book is not available, a physical book will be provided.
  • An email will be sent to your TU email address when your books are ready for pick up in the Student Union.

Frequently Asked Questions

Added or Dropped Classes

If you add a new class and physical books are required, you will receive another email that your order is ready. Please pick up your materials at the Campus Bookstore during regular store hours once you receive this email.

If you drop a class (including section changes) or if any of your classes are canceled, please return materials to the Campus Bookstore. DO NOT keep them until the end of the term.

  • To avoid non-return charges for dropped classes, please return rented physical products to the store immediately.
  • Products must be returned in its original condition.

Questions? Email textbook@utulsa.edu.