The Union

The Allen Chapman Student Union serves as the community center for TU students, employees, alumni and guests.

The 78,000-square-foot, two-story building incorporates a center atrium design with broad window views of our beautiful campus. Inside the wireless-enabled facility, you’ll find plenty of social and quiet spaces for a range of activities. It includes meeting rooms, dining sites, lounging areas, study spaces and many other conveniences.

Immediately surrounding the building are seating areas with covered picnic tables and benches, and a green space for relaxing, studying or other planned activities.

  • Located in the Union

    Catering & Dining Services
    918-631-2145 or 918-631-2282

    Mail Services

    Student Association
    The offices of the Student Association President and members of the SA Senate and Cabinet are located in the union’s Administrative Office suites.

    Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

    Dart Machine
    Make deposits to your Hurricane Gold Card.

    Union Accessibility Information

    The Allen Chapman Student Union has a handicap-accessible ramp at the east entrance of the building. The ground-level west entrance is equipped with electronic doors that enter the building near the elevator. The restrooms on the first and second floors also have accessible stalls.

    Requests for an accommodation of a disability during a program or an event may be addressed to Dr. Tawny Taylor, University of Tulsa 504/ADA Coordinator, at 918-631-2315. To ensure availability of an interpreter, five- to seven-day advance notice is needed, and 48 hours prior notice is recommended for all other accommodations.

  • Mail Services

    TU Mail Services is a full-service operation offering all postal services including registered and insured mail, and priority, express and parcel-post package services. FedEx shipments also are available at a discounted rate.


    East end of Allen Chapman Student Union
    3135 East 5th Place
    Tulsa, OK 74104

    Hours of Operation

    8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (closed from 4:00 to 4:30 p.m.) Monday through Friday
    Postage sales are discontinued at 4:00 p.m.

    Payment Methods

    We accept cash, credit, debit, check and Hurricane Gold dollars. Money orders are cash only.

    Post Office Box Rental

    Post Office Box rental is available for $40 a year, $15 per semester or $10 for the summer session. No prepayment is required as this service can be billed to your university personal account.

    Mail Pickup

    Outgoing mail pickup from the Postal Service is at 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. A drop slot is available inside the building for your stamped mail.

    Mail Services also responsible for delivery of student mail to all of the residence halls. Campus mail is delivered to the sorority and fraternity houses daily, but any mail addressed directly to the house will be delivered by the United States Postal Service. Residents in campus apartments receive delivery directly from the Postal Service.

    How to Address TU Mail

    Use this format to address student mail and packages:

    First and Last Name
    Address of Residence Hall or Apartment
    Dorm or Apartment Number
    Tulsa, OK 74104

    Mail must be addressed to a student who is registered with the housing department as living on campus.

  • Facility Rental

    The Allen Chapman Student Union is the ideal venue to host both large and small events.

    Consider it for small workshops, group meetings, academic seminars, major speaking engagements, live concerts, symposiums, leadership conferences, religious gatherings and wedding receptions. From a small meeting in the Administrative Conference Room to the Great Hall seating approximately 600 people, it is a rental space designed to fit a range of needs.

    Visit the union’s administrative offices where the staff can assist you in making reservations and determining additional services needed to make your event successful.

    Here are resources to help you get started:

    • Union Reservation Policies and Program Planners Checklist – reminders to ensure you’ve got the details covered for your event
    • Damages and Decorations – parameters on providing decorations and responsibility for damages
    • Rental Rate Sheet – room rental rates, event management costs and equipment rental fees (internal departments and student groups are not charged for space rentals when hosting university-related events)
    • Room Specifications and Diagrams – meeting space options, room dimensions, setup diagrams and technical support
    • Catering on TU’s Campus – all meals, snacks and beverages served on campus must be arranged through TU’s Catering Services Department, which also provides services for receptions, luncheons and banquets

    For more information or for general inquiries, email

    For public health and safety reasons, the university does not allow homemade food or outside food exceeding $100 in value to be served on campus. TU departments and student groups who want to have items donated from a licensed vendor or catered from off-campus vendors must contact Dining Services at 918-631-2145 to request more information on the self-catering guidelines, policies and procedures.

  • Catering Services

    Catering Services is located on the first floor of the union. Stop by to discuss your catering needs – whether it’s ordering food for your sweet tooth or getting your black-tie event arranged. In addition to event catering, Catering & Dining Services operates the Pat Case Dining Center, as well as all of the dining sites within the union and across campus.

    Sodexo is the exclusive on-campus catering provider for The University of Tulsa. We provide catering options for campus events ranging from small informal receptions, to large and elegant meals with a variety of food choices.

    Self-Catering Policies and Guidelines

    Catering Menu & Price Guide

    Catering Exemption Policy

    Catering Exemption Online Request Form

    Catering attendant request form

    Self-Catering Guidelines

    Self-Catering Exemption Request Form 

    Union Equipment and Audiovisual/Technical Services

    Discuss any needs for audiovisual or technical equipment at the time of submitting your reservation request. This will allow the staff to determine what services can be arranged.

    In addition to the standard union equipment rentals, additional costs associated with renting outside equipment and/or an advanced technician will be reflected on your final invoice for services. For more information, call 918-631-2251.

    For more information about summer conferences, visit Summer Conference Services.