Gift Administration Policy - The University of Tulsa

Gift Administration Policy

In an effort to sustain exceptional engagement with the vital alumni and donors who support The University of Tulsa, the university’s Board of Trustees adopted a gift administration fee policy effective July 1, 2020. Commitments made prior to that date are exempt. The policy directly supports TU’s overall University Advancement and Alumni Engagement efforts through a one-time assessment on charitable donations to the university of up to 3.0%.

The gift administration fee is applied to all current use and endowment gifts in a tiered format. All unrestricted gifts, current use or endowment, given to the university are exempt from the gift administration fee. All restricted gifts are subject to a 3% gift administration fee up to a maximum of $5 million. Exceptions to this policy are allowed only if corporate or foundation gifts restrict such a policy for their charitable contributions.

Fee Structure

Unrestricted Current Use GiftsRestricted Current Use GiftsUnrestricted Endowment GiftsRestricted Endowment Gifts
These include gifts to: the general annual fund, college/unit annual funds, Golden Hurricane Club, general university scholarship fundThese include gifts to: support specific programs or projects, equipment, capital projects, scholarship gifts to specific groupsPermanent gifts to the university with no restrictions on use or college/unit designationPermanent gifts to the university with restrictions on use including those for college/unit designation

Variations of this model are used by most higher education institutions in the country; at least 70% of universities in the U.S. have some type of gift administration fee policy. The fee directly supports TU’s overall University Advancement and Alumni Engagement efforts including the cost of being accountable to you and other donors. This accountability includes our commitment to provide timely gift receipts, accurate donor records and reports, accounting and tax reporting, and thoughtful donor stewardship.

Importantly, the Advancement support fee will enable TU a greater ability to strategically expand fundraising efforts which will broaden and deepen alumni and donor engagement and increase private support to the university.

The university’s Board of Trustees regularly reviews the gift assessment policy. Any changes to the policy are subject to a full vote of the Board.

The University of Tulsa (TU) recently celebrated its 125th anniversary. From its founding in 1894 as a Presbyterian School for Indian Girls in Muskogee, Oklahoma, to its present status as one of the country’s best small private universities, TU has been guided by and invested in by a remarkable cadre of donors, alumni and friends. Currently, the university benefits from managed endowment funds of over $1 billion. As we look forward to the next 125 years, we want to ensure this legacy continues. Your support is meaningful and deeply appreciated.