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Why Students Should Utilize Career Services

The purpose of college is to equip students with the practical knowledge and a solid foundation to step into the workforce with confidence to launch their career. The utilization of Career Services is one of the largest and most valuable components to helping students start on the path to success. In a recent article, Forbes Magazine calls college career services the most important office on campus for students.

Students who choose to take advantage of Career Services have the opportunity to develop and structure a professional resume, explore intern and career opportunities, and learn how to stand out as a job candidate to companies.

Intern and Career Listings

Students have access to Golden OpporTUnities, which lists out a vast variety of internships and job availabilities. It allows students to research, apply, and learn about a company prior to meeting a recruiter. Just knowing about a job opportunity isn’t enough. We recommend that students get in contact with a Career Specialist and begin building a relationship with him or her. Career Specialists are able to provide students with guidance, help revamp resumes, and recommend the right type of internships based upon their skills and career goals.

Skill Development

It’s important to make sure that students have the proper skills developed in order to qualify for internships. Career Services can also assist with interview preparation, communication improvement, and giving students the overall confidence they need to put themselves in front of the right companies and recruiters. Students are able to edit their resume, but more importantly, understand what is actually valuable to add to it. We encourage students to stop by and schedule an appointment with a Career Specialist after every internship, experience, or leadership opportunity. Students should be consistently adding to their skills and experience. Career Specialists can help students organize this information and put it on their resume.

Career Insight

Career Services can also assist students who are still looking for the right career fit. Sometimes students don’t know exactly what they want to do and that’s perfectly normal. Career Services is able to compile your skills, interests, and recommend companies that might be a good fit. Career Services is a great place to define and redefine career goals.

Take Advantage

The more you decide to utilize Career Services the more confidence you will have in your resume and interviews. Take advantage of career services, attend job fairs, and workshops. When it comes to launching into the career that’s right for you, preparation and foundation are key. Don’t miss the opportunity to receive insight and guidance that could be the determining factor of which career doors open for you in the future.