Calvin C. McKee Student Veterans Center - The University of Tulsa

Calvin C. McKee Student Veterans Center

Veterans center medal on flag

The Calvin C. McKee Student Veterans Center at The University of Tulsa was initially funded by a Vet Center Initiative Grant, awarded by The Home Depot Foundation, along with Student Veterans of America.  With the award totaling $8,948, for the renovation, TU became one of 50 colleges/universities to receive this specific grant.

TU’s Student Veteran Center moved from Fisher Hall to Norman Village Apartments after the receipt of the Vet Center Initiative Grant. The space was renovated to become a lounge, meeting area and study space for Veterans on campus. The center is home to the TU Student Veterans Association and was formally opened during Veteran’s Day celebrations in 2016.

The lounge, often referred to as ‘The Vet House’, is now named in honor of Calvin C. McKee, after his life-long mentee and brother-in-law Thomas Russell, and wife, established an endowment for student veterans. While both men have been recognized as Distinguished TU Alumni and both have rich backgrounds in the oil and natural gas industry, Mr. Russell wanted to honor Mr. McKee for the military efforts in which he was involved. Thomas Russell and Calvin McKee pictured together in suits with name tags.

Mr. McKee served as a member of the Office of Strategic Services (the precursor to modern day CIA), during World War II becoming one of the United States’ first paratroopers. He served in the U.S. armed forces from WWII through the end of the Korean War. During Calvin McKee’s life, he was awarded, both, the French Legion of Honor and the U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor for his valiant service to the United States of America.

Renovations to the center, which started out as a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in Norman Village, have occurred over the past 3 years.The renovations have included updated floors, a larger patio with outdoor furniture, updated paint, and a fully furnished/updated kitchen. Thanks to our corporate partner, Phillips66, there is also, a computer lab with dual monitor setups, printers and desks.

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