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Visitation Policy Change (student email)

Dear students,

TU’s spring return to campus is off to a great start. During the past four weeks, our COVID-19 positivity rate on campus has been below 1.0%, which represents the most favorable positivity numbers we have had at TU since launching our continuous testing program in August. We have all learned a lot about how to safely navigate in-person campus and social interactions, and I thank you for following our guidelines and keeping our campus safe.

In appreciation of your efforts and because we are confident that our low COVID-19 rates support making the decision at this time, TU’s no-visitation policy in campus housing will be amended to permit students to have one visitor in their private room. More details about changes to the visitation policy will be provided in a follow-up communication from Residence Life. This policy change is predicated on TU’s low COVID-19 positivity rate and will be effective so long as campus positivity rates remain below 2.5%.

In order for our campus positivity rates to serve as an effective barometer of campus health and safety, we need to average at least 750 student COVID-19 tests each week. Please sign up for an on-campus COVID-19 test anytime you are prompted to do so during the spring semester pursuant to TU’s Continuous Testing Program. You can monitor our positivity rates and the number of tests administered each week on our COVID-19 Dashboard.

The pandemic is not over, and it remains incumbent upon all of us to continue wearing our masks, practicing physical distancing and avoiding high-risk social and mass gatherings where TU safety protocols are not being followed. There is good news on the horizon: Several effective vaccines against COVID-19 are now being rapidly distributed in our area, and we strongly recommend that our students and staff get a vaccine as soon as they become eligible do to so. Students should register at and then notify TU when they receive the vaccine by uploading a copy of their COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card to the AHC Patient Portal.

Thank you again and please direct questions to


Matt Warren
Vice President for Risk Management and Chief Compliance Officer