Working Remotely, 1-2-3

Goldie, TU's canine ambassador, taking part in a web conference callWatching the news about the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, many of us feel we may be on the path to remote work. As such, our priority in IT is to ensure our students, faculty and now, proactively, our staff are ready for this transition should it become reality. I’d like to make this as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Staff, please complete the following survey as soon as possible
  2. Please memorize this site as a direct lifeline to tech help –
  3. Time permitting, start leaning in to this change.
    1. As possible, move face-to-face meetings to Microsoft Teams online meetings and start holding all meetings online from your campus office (or home, as approved).
    2. When you go home tonight, try and use your device to log in to a variety of systems you use at work. Do you need VPN access? Get set up here.
    3. Working remotely is different. You must establish routine, set boundaries and prepare for the webcam.


Most importantly, we are all in this together. Our faculty’s heroic response in conjunction with the efforts made by all supporting staff – I’ve never seen anything like it IN THE BEST WAY. We in IT are here to support you. We are human. We will make mistakes, but we are dedicated to helping this campus in all capacities. We are stronger together.

Thank you. Now, please follow the 1-2-3.