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The Key Investment in Working Towards a Career

For students who are ready to start working towards a career, internships are the key investment. Research conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that students with internship experience were more likely to have a job upon graduation. In addition, they started with salaries 31% more than those who had no internship experience.

Internships are one of the most crucial investments you can make as a student. These programs are not there to keep you busy, but to enhance your skills, gain corporate experience, and get face time with the executives of some of the top companies in the country. With the knowledge that an internship could lead to a full-time job offer, every student should be filling out applications.

Companies are looking for people with experience. Students gain that experience by interning. Every student has the opportunity to launch into the professional world with experience and knowledge under their belt. Businesses are looking for fresh talent and a fresh set of eyes. They want to take on team members that can be trusted, have the skills, and can be shaped into the type of employee they’re seeking. For this reason, many companies set into place development programs and learning opportunities during the internships. They allow students to use and improve upon their developed skills. Remember, internship programs are one of the largest ways that companies recruit for their workforce. Choosing not to intern could cost you a job in the long run and, according to studies, up to 31% in your salary.

You don’t need to go into this blind. Utilize Career Services to find out which internships would be the best fit for you. Career Services can help you review your goals, list out your skills, and polish your resume. The next step is to start applying for internships and attending job fairs to seek-out recruiters who are accepting students. Don’t miss the opportunity to increase your chances of landing the dream job that is right for you.