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Intramural Sports

Sign up on for all intramural sports

To create an IMLeagues account

  1. Go to or go to and click SIGN UP.
  2. Enter your information and use your School email ( and submit.
  3. You will be sent an activation email. Click the link in the email to log in and activate your IMLeagues account. You should be automatically joined to University of Tulsa; if not, you can search schools by clicking the Schools link.

To sign up to compete

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on the Intramurals tab.
  3. Choose your sport.
  4. You can then choose Create a Team, Join a Team or Join as a Free Agent.

If you have suggestions or comments about TU’s intramural program, please direct them to

Current Intramural Schedule

Sport Date Type
5v5 Soccer 5/29-6/12 League
Badminton Doubles 5/31-6/14 League
Pickleball Doubles 6/4-6/27 League
6v6 Indoor Volleyball 7/9-8/1 League
5v5 Wiffle Ball 7/10-7/24 League
3v3 Basketball 7/21-7/25 League
Table Tennis Singles 3-Jun Tournament
Spikeball Doubles 10-Jun Tournament
Badminton Doubles 17-Jun Tournament
Table Tennis Singles 1-Jul Tournament
Popdarts 8-Jul Tournament
Pickleball Doubles 22-Jul Tournament