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Academic Journals & Publications

The University of Tulsa hosts many academic journals and publications that are referenced around the world. The following is a sampling of some of our scholarship:

James Joyce Quarterly

For half a century the James Joyce Quarterly has been the flagship journal of international Joyce studies. In each issue, the JJQ brings together a wide array of critical and theoretical work focusing on the life, writing and reception of James Joyce. We encourage submissions of all types, welcoming archival, historical, biographical and critical research.

Nimrod International Journal

Nimrod is published twice a year and features the best new poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction. Our spring issue is thematic and often dedicated to writers from one region of the world; we have devoted issues to China, India, Australia, Vietnam, the Celtic Fringe, and Mexico, as well as many other regions and countries. Our fall issue features the winners and finalists of The Nimrod Literary Awards: The Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction and The Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry.

Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature

Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature, the first journal devoted solely to women’s literature, publishes groundbreaking articles, notes, research, and reviews of literary, historicist, and theoretical work by established and emerging scholars in the field of women’s literature and feminist theory. From its founding in 1982, Tulsa Studies has been devoted to the study of both literary and nonliterary texts—any and all works in every language and every historical period produced by women’s pens.

The Modernist Journals Project

The Modernist Journals Project is a multi-faceted project that aims to be a major resource for the study of modernism and its rise in the English-speaking world, with periodical literature as its central concern. The historical scope of the project has a chronological range of 1890 to 1922, and a geographical range that extends to wherever English language periodicals were published. With magazines at its core, the MJP also offers a range of genres that extends to the digital publication of books directly connected to modernist periodicals and other supporting materials for periodical and other supporting materials for periodical study.

Stylus Journal of Art & Writing

Stylus Journal of Art & Writing is a student-run literary and fine arts journal at The University of Tulsa, published
annually since 2001. Stylus encourages current students to submit stories, poems, drawings, photographs and more. It gives them a chance to be recognized for their talents regardless of area of study.

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