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Research is the lifeblood of modern universities and a defining element of an institution’s character. New and exciting research opportunities occur across campus everyday. TU’s research environment is one of our university’s most distinctive advantages. As a mid-size university (about 4,500 students total, including 1,100 graduate and law students), TU is large enough to support a vigorous research program yet small enough that our scholars remain visible members of a community.

Caleb Fuller

In a lot of bigger schools the professors and advisors can get wrapped up in the status of their research and lose sight of the goal of producing students who are ready to make an impact on society. TU professors care about your success.

Caleb Fuller, Ph.D. student, Mechanical Engineering

Research Resources

Whether in a classroom, laboratory or studio, TU research programs are known for their commitment to inquiry, innovation, community service, and creativity. As a community, we are focused on instilling a commitment to academic inquiry in our students, with practical applications in professional settings and far-reaching effects in the world.

Marziyeh Arabnejad Khanouki

In the second semester of my master studies, I took bioinformatics with Dr. Brett McKinney where I learned about developing computational tools to understand biological data.

Marziyeh Arabnejad Knanouki, Ph.D. student, Computer Science