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Research Colloquium

The Student Research Colloquium was established in 1998 to provide TU students with an opportunity to gain public speaking experience, learn about research from fields outside their own academic discipline, and experience judging methods used by professional organizations for national and international meetings/conferences.

This year’s event is scheduled for April 1-5, 2024.

View the program here.

Submissions will start being accepted at the beginning of the spring 2024 semester.

Who can participate?

Any TU student who is involved in a research project for any discipline.

What events are available?

Oral presentations, poster presentations, and video competition categories are available.

What type of research is accepted?

Presentations may contain original research or scholarship that you may be conducting, work that you already submitted for a classroom project during the previous fall semester, or work in progress for the Spring semester. Some students also use the Colloquium as an opportunity to present research proposals or scholarships for which they are contemplating an in-depth study. Research does not have to be experimentally based. Humanities, business, engineering, legal, physical sciences, and social science topics are all welcome.


For more information, contact the Research Colloquium Committee at

  • 2024 Winners - Oral Presentation
    • First place – Mia Sisul, Bachelor of Chemical Engineering
    • Second place – Emily Schumacher, Doctorate of Anthropology
    • Third place – Hannah Reeb, Doctorate of Biology
    • Honorable mention – Caleb Paslay, Doctorate of Biology
    • Honorable mention – Alex Thomason, Bachelor of History
    • Honorable mention – Emily Esther, Doctorate of Mechanical Engineering
  • 2024 Winners - Poster Presentation
    • First place – Madeline Jennings, Bachelor of Anthropology
    • Second place – Logan Guthrie, Master of Anthropology
    • Third place – Cameron Alred, Doctorate of Mechanical Engineering
    • Third place – Jessica Castano, Master of Anthropology
    • Honorable mention – Amy West, Doctorate of Biology
  • Practice Rooms

    The Administrative Conference Room is reserved as a set-up room for practice during the Colloquium. Access to the practice room is only available during the times the registration desk is staffed.

  • Presenter/Session Chair Guidelines

    Each participant competing for an oral presentation award has a 20-minute time slot. Presentations are a maximum of 15 minutes, followed by 3-5 minutes for a question and answer period. The next talk will begin after the completion of the Q&A portion.

    Presenters need to report to the meeting room prior to the beginning of their session. A session is defined as the entire period block during which a presentation falls. We ask that participants not arrive just in time to give a presentation or leave immediately after their presentation. Such behavior shows a lack of professionalism. Speakers should attend their whole session. Please maintain the established schedule scrupulously in fairness to persons planning to attend sessions at specific times to hear particular speakers. We will pause for the period allotted if a scheduled speaker fails to appear. Please also note that refreshment breaks do not signal the end of a session.

    Please contact the Colloquium Committee to discuss any problems with scheduling that may arise to see if the circumstances warrant a waiver for a portion of your session.

  • Audio/Visual Requirements

    The following items are provided for each session: LCD projector, screen, podium, and microphone. If you need special equipment other than that listed above, please check with the Colloquium Committee to make the necessary arrangements.