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Student Government Association

At the heart of TU’s vibrant campus culture stands the Student Government Association (SGA), your gateway to a world of intellectual, social, and cultural experiences. We are dedicated to enhancing your college journey, championing your interests, and igniting positive transformations throughout the university.

Our Mission

SGA’s mission revolves around creating and promoting a dynamic environment that fosters growth and enrichment. We strive to be a catalyst for change, empowering students to shape their university experience actively.

What We Do

As a pivotal force on campus, SGA takes charge of essential responsibilities to ensure an enriching college life for every student. From allocating funds and recognizing official organizations to maintaining a record of approved student groups, we foster an atmosphere of collaboration and inclusion. Our well-crafted bylaws and constitution are designed to support and nurture student initiatives while upholding campus values.

Enriching Your Campus Experience

As a student at The University of Tulsa, you automatically become part of SGA, unlocking a host of exciting benefits. By contributing a modest student fee each semester, you actively support a diverse range of SGA-sponsored programs, enlightening speakers, and essential services that amplify your collegiate experience.

Exciting Events Await You

Embrace the SGA spirit, and together, let’s make your college years at The University of Tulsa truly extraordinary. Unleash your potential and immerse yourself in a world of endless opportunities with the Student Government Association.

Want to join or have questions? Contact our Director of Elections and Director of recruitment at

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Government and Elections

  • Elections

    Senate elections are held in the fall and spring and executive elections are held in the spring. Applications are available here.

    For questions, contact

    Past Election Results

    Executive Elections 2021 Certified Results

  • Executive Branch

    The Executive Branch

    • Presides over The Student Association
    • Liaison between administration and students
    • Assists students with event planning, operational, and program-specific needs

    President – Duties & Powers

    • Appoint members to the Cabinet through campus wide application process
    • Preside over all meetings of the Executive Committee and Cabinet, and exercise the power to call meetings and oversee the business of the Student Association;
    • Coordinate the duties performed by the Cabinet members;
    • Prepare the budget for the fiscal year of his or her term, and present it to the Student Senate by the first meeting of the Student Senate of the fall semester;
    • Provide information and recommendations at the Student Senate meetings in matters concerning the student welfare and the expenditure of the budget;
    • Oversee the execution of the statutes enacted by the Student Senate;
    • Sign or veto bills and resolutions passed by the Student Senate within six days of passage;
    • Recommend for removal, to the Student Senate, any person he or she has the power to appoint; the person shall be removed with a two-thirds vote of the Student Senate;
    • Be a non-voting, ex-officio member of all boards, councils, committees, and commissions of the Student Association.
    • Have the power to create ad hoc committees provided that he or she notify the Senate of their formation.

    Vice President – Duties & Powers

    • Advise and assist the President;
    • Serve as President of the Student Association Student Senate;
    • Organize the composition of the Senate Standing Committees;
    • Be a non-voting, ex-officio member of all Senate Standing Committees;
    • Have the power to appoint members of the Student Association to vacant Senate seats.
      1. Appointments can only be made for seats corresponding to the current academic semester. All appointees are subject to Senate approval by a majority vote.
    • Recommend for removal, to the Student Senate, any member of the Senate; the person shall be removed with a two-thirds vote of the Student Senate.

    Secretary – Duties & Powers

    • Maintain all documents, records, and files of the Student Association and arrange for permanent preservation of its archives;
    • Take minutes at all official Senate and Cabinet meetings, and send the minutes to all members of the Student Association and all appropriate University offices;
    • Maintain accurate attendance records for the Senate and Cabinet;
    • Be responsible for checking fulfillment of the requirements for all Senate, Cabinet, and Judicial members;
    • Be a non-voting, ex-officio member of all the Senate Standing Committees.
    • Oversee and continually update the online SA Calendar.
    • Manage the online google groups for Senate and Cabinet.

    Treasurer – Duties & Powers

    • Acquire and compile the reports on all appropriations and disbursements of the Student Association;
    • Supervise the disbursement of all monies appropriated by the Student Senate;
    • Assist the Vice President in overseeing the Organizational Strategic Plan funding process every semester;
    • Head the Funding Review Committee
    • Advise and assist the President in preparing the budget;
    • Compile and maintain the account of expenditures;
    • Compile a monthly budget statement for each Cabinet member and the Senate;
    • Serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member of all Senate Standing Committees.

    Director of Cabinet Operations – Duties & Powers

    • Oversees and manage all items for purchasing
    • Oversees the cabinet budget
    • Drafts safety plans
    • Finalizes the event calendar each semester
    • Oversees matrices and post-assessment forms
    • Oversees Cabinet meetings
    • Compiles marketing information to send to Student Association Marcom
    • Connects Cabineteers to other branches of SA and TU Administration

    Director of Student Org Outreach – Duties & Powers

    • Coordinates and participates in outreach activities for SA chartered student organizations, provides information on SA programs and services.
    • Conducts and facilitates the SA-Presidents council meetings.
    • Collaborates with SOC in programming, as well as maintaining an updated list of student organizations and their contact information.
    • Main point of contact between SA and Student Organizations.
    • Ownership of the SA-Presidents Council Microsoft team. 
    • Constant maintenance of the Presidents Council Microsoft team.

    Director of Senate Operations – Duties & Powers

    • Head Programming Officer
      • Oversee all Senate events in accordance with mission and goals
      • Oversee all communication to senators
      • Manage Senate calendar
      • Learn and advise on all purchasing procedures
      • Knowledge of inventory system
      • Learn and advise on all event planning procedures
      • First contact for support of committees
    • Assist the Vice President
      • Organizational Funding Process
      • Oversee Senate’s assessment of the executive committee
      • Communicate and meet regularly with Director of Student Activities

    Director of Internal Marketing – Duties & Powers

    • Oversee and coordinate all marketing and promotions for Student Association news, events and initiatives
    • Maintain Student Association’s technology and social media

    Director of Recruitment – Duties & Powers

    • Identifies prospects for membership.
    • Develops strategies to promote membership to prospects.
    • Develops marketing and promotional material to attract new members in collaboration with the SA Director of Marketing.

    Director of Membership – Duties & Powers

    • Conducts survey of members who do not renew to determine areas for improvement.
    • Identifies opportunities for member engagement
    • Develops and implements the onboarding process for new members.
    • Serves as Chief Elections Officer:
      • Knowledge of election code
      • Oversee and appoint elections committee
      • Create and share appropriate election and transition timelines
      • Conduct candidate informational meetings
      • Plan election events
      • Organize election booths and maintain election software (Harvey)
      • Assist Chief Justice in reviewing election results
      • Assess election procedures semesterly
  • Cabinet

    Cabinet is the governing section of Student Association that serves as the student programming board. Our programming team of Cabineteers put on free on-campus events, such as Homecoming and The International Bazaar, to help all students at TU feel a part of the TU community. Cabinet members are divided into four focus committees: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Safety & Wellness, Community Engagement, and The Arts.


    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    Programming focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and intercultural experiences.

    Safety & Wellness

    Programming focused on student safety on campus, in the community, and virtually. Student health and wellness for the student’s mind, body, and soul.

    Community Engagement

    Programming focused on connecting students to the University of Tulsa community.

    The Arts

    Programming focused on the visual, literary, and performing arts.

  • Judicial

    The Judicial Council is the body responsible for the interpretation and upholding of the Student Association Constitution and its Standing Rules. It also is the final arbiter in concerns involving Student Association elections.


    Chief Justice

    Lauren Agpoon

  • Senate Committees and Student Orgs

    Student Association Senators are elected by students to represent academic colleges, residence halls, apartments, and commuters. The Senate represents your voice on campus and helps fund your organizations.

    Your Senator can write legislation on a range of issues affecting student life at TU. We want to know what you would like to see done on campus! Email any general questions to the SA Vice President,

    All students are encouraged to attend an SA Senate meeting. Meetings are held on Tuesdays at 9:00pm in Helmerich Hall Room 105 or on Microsoft Teams.

    Resources for Student Organizations

    Monetary Allocations

    By filling out an Organization Strategic Plan (OSP), student organizations can get funding from SA for events through our allocations process. SA can help fund the cost of food, equipment, and entertainment, as well as travel, transportation, registration or conference fees, and more!

    If you have questions about chartering an organization, see the contact information under SOC. If you have questions about funding or the OSP process, reach out to MAC.

    Senate Committees

    Monetary Allocations Committee (MAC)

    The Monetary Allocations Committee collaborates with student organizational representatives throughout campus in determining the proper amount of appropriated funds necessary for the organization’s success. The MAC facilitates training to navigate the funding process, coordinates with students in developing sound fiscal strategies for events, and sponsors bills on their behalf in the senate. Questions concerning this committee will be directed to the MAC Chairperson,

    Government Operations Committee (GOC)

    The Government Operations Committee is responsible for updating all of SA’s governing documents, and interviewing all appointments made in order to provide recommendations to the Senate. Questions about this committee can be directed to the GOC Chair,

    University Improvements Committee (UIC)

    The University Improvements Committee identifies areas of campus life that could benefit from change, and writes Resolutions in order to suggest such changes to the appropriate parties.  Questions about this committee, or ideas for how to improve campus, can be directed to the UIC Chair,

    Student Organization Committee (SOC)

    The Student Organization Committee assists new clubs in getting chartered by Student Association and experienced clubs in their programming and growth. Questions about this committee can be directed to the SOC Chair,