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Faculty Writing Program

The Henneke Center’s Faculty Writing Program supports TU faculty in all aspects of their scholarly writing through a resource collection, workshops, and faculty writing groups.

For upcoming events related to faculty writing, please visit the Henneke Center on the TU Hub.

Faculty Writing Groups

To help support faculty writing, the Henneke Center hosts faculty writing groups for colleagues across campus. Writing can be an isolating process and it is often challenging to balance scholarship with teaching and service obligations. Faculty writing groups meet regularly to support each other in writing goals through camaraderie and mutual aid. In an interdisciplinary group, faculty set writing goals, discuss writing challenges, and celebrate successes. Although these groups can meet anywhere, in person or online, they are welcome to meet in the Henneke Center Faculty Garret room in McFarlin Library where the faculty writing group notebooks are housed.

If you are interested in joining (or starting) a faculty writing group, please contact Danielle Macdonald at danielle-macdonald@utulsa.edu.