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Nationally Competitive Scholarships

TU’s Office of Nationally Competitive Scholarships invites applications each year for a number of national scholarships, fellowships, and grants.

These awards are highly competitive. To apply, you must prepare well in advance. Learn about them early in your academic career, especially if you are already thinking about graduate study.

Please note that some of these applications have deadlines as early as September during the year you apply, and institutional nominations may occur as early as the spring of the previous academic year.

These opportunities are best engaged as beacons, illuminating paths your educational and professional aspirations might pursue, rather than as trophies to be won. To that end, make an appointment to meet with the director of the Office of Nationally Competitive Fellowships:

  • To discuss your personal interests and professional aspirations and explore fellowship opportunities that speak to them
  • To develop strategies for researching fellowship opportunities
  • To work through a list of reflection questions and other exercises that can help you articulate the central questions animating your educational journey and driving your professional aspirations
  • To digest the specific criteria of a particular fellowship and explore ways to approach the application process
  • To have a sounding board as you think through who to ask for recommendation letters and how to make those requests
  • To have a coach to help mentor you through the challenges of writing personal statements
  • To register your intent to apply for those fellowships that require TU’s institutional endorsement
    (Mitchell, Marshall, Rhodes, Fulbright, Churchill, Goldwater, Truman)

Terrie Shipley
Director of National Fellowships
Schedule a meeting with Terrie