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TU Commitment

Let The University of Tulsa be part of your story. Some of your story has already been written, and so much more is yet to unfold. You are joining an accepting and inclusive community of engaged learners who actively sculpt their own learning and development. Our faculty and staff mentor and empower you and your peers for personal and collaborative growth by cultivating an insatiable intellectual curiosity and inquisitiveness. This chapter of self-discovery sparks individual development, opportunities to bring value to others, and a foresight to discover a future not yet revealed. We are excited about your accomplishments and boundless potential. Let us help you write the rest of your story.

TU Commitment graphic with the four pillars, Accepted, Engaged, Empowered, and Self-Discovery

  • Accepted: Physically, emotionally and spiritually safe, valued for who you are and your potential now and forever
  • Engaged: An active participant in your own learning to develop unique gifts and talents, not talked down to, you have a voice and a desire to be heard
  • Empowered: So that your unique gifts and talents can be further developed for your personal growth, collaborative potential and the opportunity to bring value to others
  • Self-discovery: Cultivate your intellectual curiosity and inquisitiveness