Five Priorities Areas - The University of Tulsa
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Five Priorities Areas

Priority 1

Best University in the Region For Life & Career Success

The University of Tulsa will be the region’s leader in blending liberal arts, professional studies and career support to produce well-rounded alumni who are prepared to lead. We will encourage and enable students to combine the liberal arts with professional studies, leveraging TU’s strengths across disciplines. Experiential learning will be a keystone to a holistic TU education. The university also will ensure that every student graduates ready to take the next step and is equipped with the skillset needed for life and career success.

  1. Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
  2. Career Support
potential employer shaking hands with a female student
twos students talking

Priority 2

Most Student-Centered University in the Region

The University of Tulsa will be an intimate, inclusive institution that embraces, supports and guides students from the moment they step foot on campus until their on-time graduation. We will bolster student success by reimagining a student’s journey and proactively providing support along the way. We will eliminate structural barriers and deepen TU’s strong student-faculty relationships through new programs for engagement. The university will improve recruitment, inclusion and attention for students, faculty and staff from underrepresented groups to fulfill our vision of a truly diverse community.

  1. Wraparound Support
  2. Diversity & Inclusion

Priority 3

World Leader in Energy & Cyber

The University of Tulsa will be internationally recognized for shaping the future of cyber and sustainable energy through its groundbreaking research and academic offerings. A global leader in petroleum engineering education, we will expand TU’s focus toward the future of oil and gas while growing strengths in energy and sustainability across disciplines. We will build on TU’s reputation in public sector cybersecurity to become a renowned leader in government and private sectors, incorporating artificial intelligence, data analytics, ethics and more.

  1. Cyber
  2. Energy
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Priority 4

Resilient, Innovative Institution

The University of Tulsa will be a resilient institution that attracts top talent working toward shared goals and has the financial and operational strength to continuously invest in excellence and innovation. TU will focus strategically on key areas—including fundraising, marketing and athletics—to build brand awareness, grow enrollment and increase revenue. We will build a campus culture that values high performance, collaboration and flexibility. Regular reviews will ensure continuous improvement and accountability at all levels.

  1. Enrollment & Revenue Management
  2. Athletics
  3. Resourcing
  4. Strategic Reviews
  5. Talent
  6. Collaborative Incentives
  7. Marketing

Priority 5

Truly The University of Tulsa

TU will be fully embedded in Tulsa, representing and uniting a vibrant and diverse community and playing a pivotal role in propelling Tulsa forward. We will form strategic bonds and partnerships beyond our campus so that TU becomes synonymous with Tulsa’s growth and success. Our university will answer the call to partner with local public schools and help drive our city’s economic development engine. The university also will create a community advisory board that solicits input from area leaders.

  1. Heart of Tulsa
overview of football stadium