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Talk with Tulsa Interviews

Admission interviews are not required to complete your application. However, students are strongly encouraged to attend a Talk with Tulsa Interview with their TU admission counselor either in person or virtually.

A Talk with Tulsa Interview is a conversation between the admission counselor and the student and allows the admission counselor the opportunity to learn more about the student as they’re considering TU. During this meeting, students are encouraged to tell us more about their background, involvement in school and their community, and academic interests. It’s also a chance for us to learn more about the student’s goals for the future, their college search, and their interest in The University of Tulsa.

During a Talk with Tulsa Interview, students are also able to learn more about TU – the admission and scholarship process, academic programs, undergraduate research, campus culture, student life, housing and dining, and the city of Tulsa. Students may also utilize a Talk with Tulsa Interview should they have concerns about their application for admission to TU or if they feel further details need to be relayed to our admission committee beyond the standard information included on the application.

If you are a high school senior interested in learning more about TU or if you are already in the process of applying, we encourage you to find your admission counselor and sign up to meet with them for a Talk with Tulsa Interview!