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Air Force ROTC Program

By agreement with the U.S. Air Force, eligible full-time students at The University of Tulsa may participate in Oklahoma State University Air Force ROTC.

While participants will be enrolled as full-time student at The University of Tulsa, they will take their ROTC classes each week typically on Thursday afternoons and evenings at the OSU campus in Stillwater.

Cadets participating in the program maintain their status as students at The University of Tulsa and graduate with full TU credentials. Upon graduation, they receive commissions as second lieutenants in the U.S. Air Force through the Oklahoma State University’s Air Force ROTC Detachment 670.

Eligibility: Students in any academic major, including graduate students (with a waiver), may participate in the AFROTC program. A cadet must be a full-time student, a U.S. citizen and younger than 30 in the year of commissioning (some exceptions apply). A cadet must have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 2.0. Other eligibility requirements apply and are subject to change.

Scholarships and Incentives: Students may be eligible for scholarships offered by OSU AFROTC. For more information on these opportunities, contact the AFROTC Recruiting Flight Commander at 405-744-7744 or visit

Obligation: In most cases, students may try AFROTC by taking the freshman or sophomore AFROTC courses without obligation. In most cases, students who successfully complete the ROTC program become second lieutenants in the U.S. Air Force with a four-year active duty service obligation. However, service obligations vary with career assignments and may include commitment times longer than four years.

Air Force ROTC Curriculum: Air Force ROTC courses are listed in the OSU catalog as Aerospace Studies (AERO). Freshman and sophomore AFROTC classes are one credit hour, while junior and senior AFROTC classes are three credit hours. All academic classes require the cadet to enroll in and attend a weekly Leadership Laboratory (LLAB) period during which leadership and followership skills are taught and emphasized. The Professional Officer Course portion of the AFROTC program is offered to juniors and seniors who have committed to a four-year, post-graduation service commitment with the Air Force. Students also attend mandatory field training encampment during the summer between their sophomore and junior years.

To learn more, call the Air Force ROTC unit at 405-744-7744, visit the website or e-mail