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TURC Junior Scholars

Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge

The Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge Junior Scholars program provides opportunities for local high school students to gain the kind of intensive, hands-on research experience that is usually reserved for graduate students. Each Junior Scholar works closely with a TU professor in the summer terms, usually on a research team with TURC scholars.

Past research opportunities

Research opportunities for past summer programs have spanned a range of disciplines and involved a variety of time commitment. Here are some recent topics:

  • Viral diseases and genome characterization of viruses
  • Biochemistry of disease
  • Reaction discovery and development, organic chemistry
  • Chemical compatibility of 3D printed parts, 3D printing
  • Design and development of devices to aid persons with disabilities
  • Experimental nanotechnology
  • Exploration of the publishing world while digging into the works of James Joyce
  • Art, gaming, sports, writing, and creativity in program development in TU’s Oklahoma Center for Humanities
  • Stability of sports supplements

Application process

The TURC Junior Scholars program does not charge tuition, and the professors who mentor Junior Scholars do so as a voluntary form of community service.

TURC Junior Scholars are not eligible for summer campus housing, so the program is open only to students who live in the Tulsa area. Applicants to the program should not have graduated from high school by the time they would undertake their research.

The application process for the TURC Junior Scholars program will parallel that of TURC Team projects.

Interested high school students should consult the directory of TURC Team projects, which notes which projects are open to Junior TURC Scholars.

Interested students should email a letter of interest to the faculty leader of the relevant project by April 15, 2024. If the professor conveys willingness to sponsor their application, high school students should then apply through the application portal here.

More information

Please email any questions to TURC Faculty Fellow Laura Stevens, Chapman Professor of English, at laura-stevens@utulsa.edu.