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Hurricane Gold Dollars

The Hurricane Gold Dollar program is a prepaid account that allows students/employees to use their TU ID to purchase the items they need around campus. From textbooks and apparel at the TU Bookstore to meals or snacks at Pat Case Dining Center and all other dining locations in the Student Union, on-campus coffee shops, Mother Road Market and sporting events.

So, what are the benefits of Hurricane Gold Dollars?

  • Security – No need to carry cash. Funds are earmarked for on-campus needs!
  • Convenience – Convenient dining locations are within a short walking distance. No need to lose your parking space. Or just use your Hurricane Gold Dollars with Grubhub.
  • Experience – Dining on campus provides commuters with an opportunity to make new friends with fellow students, which can lead to becoming engaged in student activities, organizations and clubs.
  • Bonus  – Using Hurricane Gold Dollars or Dining Dollars at the various campus eateries you are not charged sales tax on your food purchase.

How do I add Hurricane Gold Dollars to my TU ID Card?

Students/staff simply set a gold dollar amount (minimum of $10) and prepay at the Business Office or cash deposits are accepted automated terminal located in the Student Union. Hurricane Gold Dollars can also be deposited online (minimum of $10) with your Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express card using eAccounts.

If Hurricane Gold Dollars remain in the account at the end of the academic term, they will be carried over into the upcoming academic term balance. Students/employees may request a refund of any balance remaining in their account at any time.