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Summer Living

Residents who need summer housing should consider the benefits of both Apartment and Resident Hall options.

Apartment Summer Living/Storage

Apartment Summer Living

  • Summer apartments are available for students that have been living in apartments or will be continuing in an apartment in the fall. Residence Hall students must choose the Summer School residence hall for summer living.
  • Students living alone in a multi-bedroom apartment will be charged the summer one-bedroom rate, no matter if second/third bedroom is storage or vacant.
  • Students don’t need to be enrolled in summer courses to select this option.

Apartment Summer Storage

  • This is a great option for students to retain their space and not worry about packing their belongings, moving furniture and figuring out where to store possessions for the summer.
  • Students can have same-day access their unit three times during the summer term to grab an item they left behind.
  • Students can only store in their Fall apartment, and a Fall assignment is required to participate in summer apartment storage. All switching must be complete before leaving for the summer.
  • Summer storage rates are available on the housing page.

Residence Hall Summer Living

Summer housing is available at Lottie Jane Mabee for 2023.

  • This is a great option for students to have the flexibility to attend Summer 1 or Summer 2 classes. Billed on a weekly basis.
  • Summer Residence Hall rates are available on the housing page.
Building Room Configuration Weekly Rate
Lottie Jane Double occupancy $245.00
Lottie Jane Single occupancy (space permitting) $275.00

Residents in summer housing will be assessed a $25 community fee for the summer term.

  • Apply Here

    When applying, it is important to familiarize yourself with the accommodation (Lottie Jane Mabee) offered, as well as policies and procedures regarding payment and canceling a housing and dining agreement. As part of an application, it’s required to review and agree to the terms and conditions of the 2023 summer housing agreement (use Net ID and password to access the license).

    Click here to apply for summer housing in Lottie Jane. Please note that once an application is submitted, it will take approximately three to four days to process and make an assignment.

  • Arriving/Departing

    Check-out Information

    All Residents are required to check-out by noon on their scheduled check-out date. Residents should be sure to:

    • Remove all personal belongings and garbage from their room
    • Return all keys to the front desk drop box

    Any unreturned keys will result in an $85 lock-change charge.

    Transition Housing

    For academic year TU students, Transition Housing refers to those periods when the university is not in session, but campus housing is open:

    • Between the end of Spring Housing and the start of Summer Housing
    • Between the end of Summer Housing and the start of academic year Fall Housing

    To be eligible for transition housing, students must:

    • Have a current housing assignment
    • Have a confirmed housing assignment the next term
    • Remain in housing during the designated transition period
    • Move belongings to new assignment (if necessary) within 24 hours of notification

    To transition from Spring to Summer housing TU students must have a Summer Housing reservation beginning week one. To transition from Summer to Fall housing, TU students must have a Summer Housing reservation through the end of the summer term.

  • CaneFlix/Internet

    CaneFlix is a service provided by Campus Housing that offers students entertainment 24/7 on-demand. Caneflix hosts a large variety of movies and TV shows throughout the year. CaneFlix On Demand is available while on campus and is a click away.

    Campus Internet Service: Click here for detail information about the campus internet service, how to connect to the TUgaming Network, Wireless Connection Guide and other information. If you have any problems/questions contact IT helpdesk at

  • CaneRepair-Maintenance

    Maintenance Requests

    In order to request a repair, residents can submit an online service request form or call 918-631-2245 during business hours (Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.). Requests for repair are generally responded to within a 24- to 72-hour period, although repairs requiring special parts or procedures may take more time to be completed.

    Emergencies, such as major leaks, flooding, broken door locks, or any problem that endangers property or safety, should be immediately reported to the campus security at 918-631-5555.

    Internet Issues

    Campus Internet Service: Click here for detailed information about the campus internet service, how to connect to the TUgaming Network, Wireless Connection Guide, and other information. If you have any problems/questions contact IT helpdesk at

  • Laundry Facility

    Summer School housing has free laundry facilities.

  • Mail Services

    Mail pick-up (letters and packages) is at the Student Union.  Their hours are Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., and Friday, 8 a.m.-noon. Please use this format to address student mail and packages:

    First and Last Name
    2808 E 6th St.
    Lottie Jane, Rm #
    Tulsa, OK 74104

    When changing buildings or checking out, residents should fill out a change of address form through US Postal Service. Only first-class mail will be forwarded.

    For more information about Mail Services check out their webpage.

  • Student TU ID Card

    Students who are enrolled in summer courses may submit photos through CanePhoto on a mobile device.

    • Summer residents – Please submit a photo three business days prior to arrival and we will have your ID ready for you at check-in.
    • All other residents – Please submit your photo three business days prior to arrival and we will have it printed off to be picked up at the Campus Services HQ in Fisher Hall.