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Getting care

The most important thing after an act of sexual violence has occurred is to ensure your safety and well-being. We provide a number of options and resources for you so you don’t have to handle it on your own. No matter how long ago you experienced an assault, and regardless of who did it or where it happened, please contact one or more of the resources below. We want to help you have options so you can decide what is right for you.

Immediate assistance

In an emergency, call 911 or Campus Security at 918-631-5555. Police and Campus Security can help provide for your immediate safety. Campus Security officers are trained to be professional, ethical, conscientious, sensitive to needs of the public, knowledgeable and competent in identified learning objectives. Campus Security and Tulsa Police can also assist you in receiving the appropriate medical care necessary, if desired.

Both outside of the university’s regular business hours and during them, and based on the nature of the incident, survivors of sexual violence are encouraged to call DVIS as soon as feasible. Their number is 918-7HELPME or (918-743-5763). You will be connected to a DVIS counselor, who will assist you in providing specific instructions as to the actions to take. DVIS is not affiliated with TU, and they provide confidential services.

Talk with someone you trust. If you do not want to tell a family member or friend, find someone on campus with whom you can confide. This can include an RA (resident assistant), professor, academic adviser, athletic trainer or coach, a dean or one of TU’s primary contacts. Primary contacts are TU staff who have been trained to assist an individual who has experienced sexual violence. Primary contacts are knowledgeable about the resources, services and options available to and are prepared to guide survivors in accessing those resources and services.

The Counseling and Psychological Services Center provides free and confidential counseling services. Appointments may be made either in person or by calling 918-631-2200. In the event of a crisis after regular hours, call Campus Security at 918-631-5555 and leave your name and telephone number. A counselor will contact you as soon as possible and/or Campus Security will facilitate other immediate support for you. Back-up crisis counseling is also available 24 hours a day by calling 918-7HELPME (918-743-5763).

This project was supported by Grant No. _2016-WA-AX-0007__ awarded by the Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice. The opinions, findings, conclusions, and recommendations expressed in this publication/program/exhibition are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women.