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Commuter Students

Parking on Campus

Register for a parking permit online. If you park on campus without a valid permit, you will very likely receive a parking ticket and risk getting your car towed!

Organize Your Schedule with Commute Time in Mind

Create a schedule with your class times and other campus activities. Be sure to factor in plenty of time for driving – including running into traffic and stopping for gas if necessary.

Meeting Others

Without the “traditional” college experience of living on campus, commuters may have to take extra initiative to meet and form relationships with others on campus. Making connections with peers may not be as easy as walking down the residence hall floor.

Get Involved

Get involved with organizations on campus to enhance your college experience and create a sense of connectedness. Visit the Student Activities page to learn about student groups, leadership opportunities, and local student discounts.

Staying Safe on Campus

Campus Security offers a free escort service for persons who must move around campus alone at night, such as commuters walking to their vehicles after dark. Call the Security Office at (918) 631-5555 for the escort service.

Balancing Life at Home

Some commuter students may live with their parents, spouses, or other family members. It may be a good idea to clarify what your expectations are at home (e.g., chores, others’ schedules) since you will be balancing these responsibilities with schoolwork. You may also need to make a point to find time and space at home to study effectively, without interruptions.